Introduction: How to Make a Red Turtle Shell From Mario

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Im entering this in the game 2 life contest, so if you like it please vote! This is my first time entering a contest here.

In this Instuctable, I will show you how to make a clay Red Turtle Shell from Mario!
What you need:
Clay (I used Oven Bake)
Red, orange, tan, black and white paints
A little bit of time (Took me maybe 45 minutes all together including breaks and waiting time)
Red Turtle Shell picture for reference
Tooth Pick
Round Chop Stick

Step 1: Beginning the Sculpt

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First you want to get your clay out, it doesn't matter what color you use, since you will be painting over it.
I wanted to start off with a light orange color, so I mixed orange and white. Warm you clay up by holding it in your hands and mushing it around, then make a sort of squished egg shape.

Next, take a smaller piece of clay and put it in your hands and roll it back and forth to make a snake like piece, then using your reference picture, wrap the snake around the ball (body), raising it higher in the front(look at pictures). When the end meets the other end, smooth it together with your fingers, getting rid of the 'crease'. 

Take your chop stick, and, using the smaller end, poke a hole where the turtle head would be, and then using a tooth pick with one of the ends cut of, dig two smaller half holes on either side, making the leg holes. Using the same method as above, make a smaller snake and wrap it around the neck hole.

Step 2: Detailing

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Take the pointy end of your tooth pick tool and begin scoring lines into the shell, starting out light, then pressing harder once you know where to put the lines, look at your reference picture!

Step 3: Painting

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Now, depending on what paint you use, you may need to make multiple coats, I only had to do so with the white.
Take a small paint brush and begin painting, I needed to mix most of my colors to get the right shade. Once you get the red, white and tan done, take a super fine paint brush (pointy end of a tooth pick will work), get your black paint and begin painting the crevices on the top of the shell, keep a tissue on hand so you can wipe away any accidents that get on unwanted areas.

Step 4: Finished

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All done, turned out pretty nice I think!
Hope you enjoyed and please vote>


poofrabbit (author)2012-04-06

Very cool! You wouldn't have to paint the shell, if you wanted you could use the clay in the different colors. I made a great dry bones using an 'able  here and then made a Bowser to along with him.  :) 

I would suggest over the finished project either a clear acrylic spray paint in matte or in gloss depending on how you want the end product to look.  A craft grade acrylic may eventually pull away from the clay.  If you seal it, you will likely not run into this issue. 

Great 'able and good luck in the contest!

owlart101 (author)poofrabbit2012-04-06

Thanks! Later on, I ended up using an acrylic to coat it, now sure what it's called, but I use it on all of my little projects like this, it works very well. That's a really neat Instructable, I will have to try that.

Meechotax (author)2012-04-03

awesome! very good instructions.

owlart101 (author)Meechotax2012-04-04

Thank you ^^

SWV1787 (author)2012-03-24

I am so making like a dozen of these... my fiance and I are planning on making a Mario Bros themed nursery for when we have children and I will make these into the worlds coolest mobile...

owlart101 (author)SWV17872012-03-24

Glad you like them! If you end up doing that, I would love to see pictures when you have children and make it. :)

owlart101 (author)2012-03-22

Thanks! I also made one out of eraser clay, but I don't want to use it! Haha, kind of dissapointed about how it looks in the pics though. Glad you liked it! :)

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