I did this at TechShop Menlo Park. http://www.techshop.com

In order to save time, money and materials instead of using plastic buckets for mold containers and having to cut them and recycle them, I decided to make a reusable collapsible mold box.

Step 1: Take measurements

Picture of Take measurements
I took measurements of the sprued wax object I am trying to make a plaster mold for. It was 7 by 7 inches so my mold box needs to be 8 by 8 to accommodate it with some space on all sides. My object including the main sprue was a little over 9 inches so my box needs to be 11 inches in height to safely fit the object without risking it touching the bottom. 2 of the sides need to be slightly wider then the other two so they nicely overlap.
poofrabbit2 years ago
I would not have thought to use the kiln to cure the mold, great tip!!!