Picture of How to make a robot
This instructable shows step by step instructions for making an obstacle avoiding robot using Arduino.
Source code is also included in the video for programming the bot !
So are you ready to build your electronic pet ? Lets begin..
We first start by detailing the parts required,then move on to actual step by step construction and finally code the arduino to bring our robot to life!
But first here's the video tutorial :
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Step 1: Materials Required

Picture of Materials Required
Castor Wheel.JPG
Hot Glue Gun and Sticks.JPG
Li-ion Battery Pack.JPG
Marker and Scale.JPG
Perfboard and Jumper Wire.JPG
Solder Stand and Pad.JPG
Soldering Iron.JPG
Toggle witch.JPG
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor.JPG
See video for voice explanation of all steps.
Here you'll find a text explanation only with some snaps.
So lets get started by listing the parts required.You will need :

Arduino (I used a Duemilanove,You can use another) -1 or Arduino clone
Castor wheel -1
Useless CD's -2
Hot glue gun and sticks -1
Li-Ion Battery Pack(I used 8.4V pack) or AA rechargeable cells (Total Voltage > 8V)
Marker ans Scale -1
Multimeter -1
Perfboard -1
Continous rotation servos.(I used1.7Kg ones) -2
Plier -1
Soldering Iron (30W),solder reel and stand -1
Toggle Switch-1
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (PWM O/P) -1
USB Cable -1
Wheels -2
and jumper wire
Oh,and also electronics(atmega 328,5v regulator,16 mhz crystal,22pf capacitors,header pins)..You get the idea.NEXT lets start construction.

Step 2: Construction Step #1

Picture of Construction Step #1
1)Make a line along the diameter of the CD(see pic).
2)Measure the dimensions of your servos(Length,width and height).
3)Make a notch on one end of the diameter according to height of the servo.We make a mark according to height because we will be laying the servos horizontally.
4)Extend the notch into a line  according to width of the servo equally on both sides of the notch.
5)Place the servo on the CD to see if it fits perfectly.
6)Do the same process on the other side.
lumi30051 year ago
Nice instructable and nice robot. Working with CD/DVDs is a pain...cutting them quite difficult without breaking them. Your BOM is really interesting, even the Arduino clone is DIY :-)