Hot Glue Gun
Laptop with Arduino software
22 awg hookup wire (black, red, yellow)
wire strippers
usb cable
1/16th drillbit
exacto knife

2 tongue depressors
1 clothespin
1 rubber-band
1 dart
1 cup (paper or plastic)
1 arduino
1 breadboard
1 led
1 momentary button switch
1 22k ohm resister
1 0.1uf capacitor
1 10k ohm resister
1 infra red sensor 

Step 1: Assemble the Crossbow

1) hot glue the two tongue depressors together in a T shape.
2) notch the top piece in two places near each edge
3) break a rubberband and tie it in two knots at each of the notches
4) hotglue a clothespin to the back of the T
5) test your crossbow
<p>this is so cool! Thanks but do you know if you can make it wireless? But thanks a ton!!!</p>
<p>Love it!!!</p>

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