Coca cola is famous for making awesome Cokes, Fanta, and Powerade. Do you know that when we put prospane gas into the bottle, the coke will become a rocket. Check out the video and find your answer. DO NOT play with any source of fire for your safety.

What you need:

+ a bottle of Coke

+ a can of prospane gas

Step 1: Step 1:

- Dig a hole on the cap of coke bottle

Step 2: Step 2:

- Fill up the coke bottle with prospane gas. You need to fill the whole propane in the can into the bottle, so it would fly.

Step 3: Step 3:

- Up side down the bottle to see the rocket.

What chemicle reactions play role in it<br>
<p>OK - very cool! Can you explain what is happening here? Is there a chemical reaction? What makes this so violent? There is a crazy Russian guy on youtube doing the same thing with butane. In his video some of the bottles were actually torn apart by the reaction.</p>
<p>I think when you upside down the bottle, the gas will go up and push the liquid down. Then, the exposure will push the bottle fly up. </p>
Good man! I Made the same things but with water ;)
<p>did it work? I'll try to record with more liquid matterials next time.</p>

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