Picture of How to make a rope swing
Want to set up a rope swing? Don't want to climb up a tree to do it? Then read on.

Step 1: Materials

What you need:

A tree with a branch strong enough to support a person's weight
Twine (it must be as long as the distance from the branch to the ground)
A counter-weight
Plastic tubing (that fits on the rope)

uhlmann1 year ago

Hey there, I used this instructable to make a rope swing for my kids at our camp in the U.P. Thank you for excellent steps and specifying which knots to look up. We had a thicker synthetic rope. The double constrictor knot appeared that it would unravel (somehow?) but I put a figure-8 knot as a stopper knot and that solved it. I also put a figure-8 above the stick a ways for the kids to use as a handhold. All-in-all, this worked great!!

janaewilson2 years ago
You can use a Perfection (Angler's) Loop/Knot for the hand hold. Also, it's probably a lot easier for the rope to slide over the tree when it's not wet, like after a rain... Waiting for the tree and rope to dry so I can finish pulling the knot up to the branch. The rope has also been twisting... Maybe due to the wetness?
janaewilson3 years ago
How do you tie the hand hold?
cfilloux4 years ago
this is right off of sky line, on kings mountain am i correct?
sunshiine4 years ago
You explained this well.
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Sora_1_25 years ago
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Speedmite6 years ago
finfan76 years ago
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lemonie6 years ago
Good instruction, and good fun too.