I love making jewelry with my mom. The other day, we were watching T.V and we saw an adorable necklace with a rose pinned on it. It gave us an idea to create one that is much cheaper and funner.
Roses are so hard to make though! I tried my best to explain, but it takes practice to make it just the way you like it.
Remember, you can choose any color you want! You can even add more necklaces to it if you like:]

Step 1: Materials

For this particular project, you would need : -One yard of 1.5 in. ribbon (the thicker the ribbon, the bigger the rose.) - Stringing Elastic Cord or any necklace stringing, -Beads,pearls etc.
- Scissors, - Needle and thread,- Measuring tape,  -Pins (optional), -Super/hot glue (optional).
nice so hot
<p>I love this - very vintage but you could apply it to so many things! Nice ible!</p>
keep it up dear.. good work...:)
nice work
Oh, sorry, didnt see that.
How long and thick should the ribbon be?
that looks absolutely gorgeous...i might make one for my wife for christmas :)
Very nice, I should make one of them for a gift this year.

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