How to Make a Rubber Band Powered Plane (ornithopter)


Introduction: How to Make a Rubber Band Powered Plane (ornithopter)

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    Flagged means you don't like it, so why did you flag it if it's awesome?

    It was flagged, because it may be plagiarism. Which, by the way, is illegal. I am not sure if this actually is plagiarism, but my guess would be he did not make the instructions for this.

    I agree with wierd40 , and i ask - Why did you bother to flag this. As i said above, it doesn't seem to meet any of the criteria for flagging.

    I'm baffled as well. Options for flagging seem to be: 1) 'Not nice' 2) 'inappropriate' 3) 'Spam' This doesn't seem to meat any of the criteria. I liked it VERY much, myself

    Flagging an instructable has the options of "Inappropriate", "Incomplete", or "Spam" (click the flag button near the top of the instructions to see the options there). I'm betting Finfan7 thought this incomplete, or inappropriate due to lack of credit.

    Finfan7 probably flagged it because of the lack of credit and instructions: are you the creator of these plans or an administrator at If not, then you need to properly credit the creator or be labeled guilty of plagiarism or stealing. If yes, then he could have flagged this as an 'incomplete' instructable by the lack of actual directions. Hope that helps.