Picture of How to make a rubberband ball!!
You wanna make the world's biggest rubber band ball? Well too bad.. BUT!!! You can make your very own little rubber band ball if you just do te steps here!
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Step 1: Getting the materials....

Picture of Getting the materials....
First you need to get these materials:

1 half sheet of paper
A lot of rubber bands!!
(i didn't use a lot in this picture. You need alot more!)

Step 2: Adding the rubberbands!

Picture of Adding the rubberbands!
Picture 002.jpg
Crumple up the half sheet of paper into a ball shape. Then start adding rubberbands!

Step 3: More! MOre!! MORe!!! MORE!!!!

Picture of More! MOre!! MORe!!! MORE!!!!
keep on adding rubber bands to make it bigger and bigger! Eventually it'll be bigger than mine!