How to make a rubberband gun out of pencil and rubberbands

Picture of How to make a rubberband gun out of pencil and rubberbands
Are you ever bored at school?

Well, Crank up some pencils and rubberbands, and make a awesome rubberband gun!

Its 100% made entirely out of pencils and rubberbands!

It's fast, and easy to make!
This is a fun simple rubberband gun you could make while class, a rainy day, etc. You will only need 3 pencils and few pieces of rubber bands. Have fun! 
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Step 1: Get the materials, and build it!

Picture of Get the materials, and build it!

Just get 3 pencils and few rubberbands to make this rubberband gun.
After doing that, connect the materials as shown on the diagram!
Make sure to make rubberband 1 stronger than rubberband 2!

Step 2: How to shoot the gun.

Picture of How to shoot the gun.

To shoot the rubberband gun it is easy.
Push the lever for the rubberband gun, insert the rubberband,
and push the lever again and the rubberband gun will shoot.
Have fun using your rubberband gun!

(Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 on the diagram!)

siaramari3 years ago
nice dude
robertjames4 years ago
that is really cool but it doesn't shoot that good
thats neat!! just to let you know, the video won't work, and a clothes pin might work for the trigger instead. Great Job!
It might, but the benefits of using a combination of pencils and rubber bands to make something to use in place of a clothes pin would that it's completely made from office supplies and could be made completely at an office.
DTaco (author)  valleycrosser4 years ago
Good point! thanks for the comment!
DTaco (author)  joespicnictables5 years ago
thanks for the idea! I will use that idea after I get some cloth pins!
you're welcome!