Are you ever bored at school?

Well, Crank up some pencils and rubberbands, and make a awesome rubberband gun!

Its 100% made entirely out of pencils and rubberbands!

It's fast, and easy to make!
This is a fun simple rubberband gun you could make while class, a rainy day, etc. You will only need 3 pencils and few pieces of rubber bands. Have fun! 

Step 1: Get the Materials, and Build It!

Just get 3 pencils and few rubberbands to make this rubberband gun.
After doing that, connect the materials as shown on the diagram!
Make sure to make rubberband 1 stronger than rubberband 2!

<p>made it but cant put a pic up yet awsome</p>
nice dude<br>
that is really cool but it doesn't shoot that good
thats neat!! just to let you know, the video won't work, and a clothes pin might work for the trigger instead. Great Job!
It might, but the benefits of using a combination of pencils and rubber bands to make something to use in place of a clothes pin would that it's completely made from office supplies and could be made completely at an office.<br>
Good point! thanks for the comment!
thanks for the idea! I will use that idea after I get some cloth pins!
you're welcome!

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