How to Make a Rubiks Cube Costume.





Introduction: How to Make a Rubiks Cube Costume.

In this instructable I show how to make a rubiks cube costume.

Materials needed:
Xacto knife
Colored Wrapping paper
Black Ductape
Electrical tape
Scotch tape
Hot Glue

Step 1: Cutting

Youll need to get a nice big box for this,
My box was 24x24x24. The tiles were 7 and 2/3 inches h and w.
Use your Xacto knife for the big stuff, and trim excess cardboard with the scissors.

Step 2: Wrap It Up

Now we are going to color our tiles,
I used wrapping paper for this. I had blue red green yellow and orange.
Wrap it up just like a gift for your girlfriend!

Step 3: Outlining

Heres where the ductape comes into play. You need to use half of the strip of ductape (vertical wise) and outline the tiles with it. Use electrical tape for the edges. Use ductape to make the black in between the tiles on the box.

Step 4: Get It On!

Finally we are going to glue the tiles to the box, Use hot glue for this. Make sure you cut holes for you head and ams though! (arms optional) Just glue them to the box , making sure they stay in line. For the corners, use a double tile and add a single with electrical tape. Ask i you need any help or if I missed something.

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    where do you find a box big enough for this


    quick question, what if it rains outside?

    1 reply

    Put packaging tape on it.

    So how od i solve it like put it on then start peeling the stickers off.....?

    How much duct tap do you have to use?

     i just finished making mine. this was REALLY helpful! I also madea smaller sized cube to hold my halloween candy. thanks! you rock!

    I'm gonna make a Tetris-themed costume of this =D

    this is awesome! my next Halloween costume! :D

    couldin't do it better myself! nice job

    this is adorable! Now if we could only make one that worked...does any one know how to construct a rubiks cube?

    Excellent job !!! I think it would be better if you glue all the tiles with the yellow glue( 5000) but if you feel like it is enough then I should try it out

    pretty! i like this... quite creative!