In this instructable I show how to make a rubiks cube costume.

Materials needed:
Xacto knife
Colored Wrapping paper
Black Ductape
Electrical tape
Scotch tape
Hot Glue

Step 1: Cutting

Youll need to get a nice big box for this,
My box was 24x24x24. The tiles were 7 and 2/3 inches h and w.
Use your Xacto knife for the big stuff, and trim excess cardboard with the scissors.
<p>nice </p>
<p>where do you find a box big enough for this</p>
quick question, what if it rains outside?
Put packaging tape on it. <br>
So how od i solve it like put it on then start peeling the stickers off.....?
How much duct tap do you have to use?
&nbsp;i just finished making mine. this was REALLY helpful! I also madea smaller sized cube to hold my halloween candy. thanks! you rock!
I'm gonna make a Tetris-themed costume of this =D<br/>
this is awesome! my next Halloween costume! :D
this is so cute
couldin't do it better myself! nice job
this is adorable! Now if we could only make one that worked...does any one know how to construct a rubiks cube?
Excellent job !!! I think it would be better if you glue all the tiles with the yellow glue( 5000) but if you feel like it is enough then I should try it out
pretty! i like this... quite creative!

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