Please delete - It would not let me do it as it said it was entered in a contest.
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rodneybones2 years ago
I loved this instructable. This is a gorgeous belt, and the instructions were wonderfully clear.

I have attempted to make my own instructable of this belt here:
tobiahr1 month ago
jtdeans_deans10 months ago

how did that picture of the hand won in a paracord contest

I was talking to a co-worker about jewelry and metal allergies when I mentioned the belt that I was wearing. It only cost me around $30 to make one for myself and 2 years later still looks great. (Considering I was spending $5-20 on a new one when it started making me break out in an allergic reaction this was quite a deal.) I told him about this site and how to find this instructable so he could make one for himself. A few days later he tells me he can't find it. Now I know why. It took me a bit to find it myself (had to do some fancy tactics to find my 2 year old comment found here) only to find the instructable had been deleted. (?!?!?) I wound up using the link chip123 had to show my co-worker how to make one. I wasn't sure of the legal so I just let him view it on my computer and let him takes some notes.

This really should be brought back.

I'm not sure why Jake22 wanted to delete it, but I have been telling people about it for the past 2 years. Now I find out it's been deleted..
pbagrie2 years ago
This was the definitive guide to making a paracord belt, please bring it back for the public good.
Does anyone have the method (or even some pix) of finishing the taper for this belt? I tried a dozen different ways of finishing this off, but none of them seem "right".

I still don't understand the purpose of deleting something like this.

Can still be found here :)
Try here:

There is a couple of steps missing, but the start of the taper and the end result is there so hopefully that will help.

Jake22 if your listening, and you really want this gone from the internet, you might want to have a word with Still it's a simple variation on a common knot and someone is likely to make something similar, or even deconstruct an old belt they've made in order to recreate the instructions for people.
Perfect, thanks. That should at least get me close.

I tried before posting this last night, but for some reason was not getting any hits on it.
I found it didn't give any hits if I missed the last forward slash, but when I made sure it was there it worked.
avick2 years ago
I agree with the previous comments. I liked this one- the design and the clear instructions. I already made one and just now came back to make another and find it gone. What's up with that?
chogan33 years ago
Just because it was not entered into the contest you removed it? I really liked this one if someone else has a link to another like this one let me know... or the author could simply put it back up....
darman123 years ago
Why do you want to take this instructable off? Anything paracord is worthy to be seen by everybody!!!

Please put it back!!!!!!!!
I hadn't looked at this page for a bit as my belt wound up being a "long-term" project. LOL Came by today to check out the taper and saw it was gone....why? I've looked at tons of pages for belts and THIS was the one that I went by because it was clear and the finished product had a nice clean look to it. Sad to see that it is gone.
Too bad it's gone. I made one for a Christmas present. Took me about 10 hours and my hands were pretty raw after getting it all done.

This was a very, very good instructable - if it can be put back that would be nice.
etb4 years ago
I know it's been said, but thought I'd put my two cents in.  As an outdoor professional, I have been involved in and seen number of studies relating to outdoor safety, and in particular, rope systems.

They all amount to this:  DO NOT use paracord to rappel!

The average rappel under "normal" conditions can produce forces of 900 lbs on the rope and anchors with a 160lb rappeller.  Way beyond the limit of the safety rating for single strand paracord.  And when you start dealing with "force factor" falls, things go sideways in a hurry.  Look into it.

Even more of a danger is the threat of shearing.  When a cord is weighted and stretched, in gets longer, skinnier, and easier to cut.  Paracord sheaths are absolutely not designed to withstand that any kind of abrasion against rocks encountered when on rappel.

DO NOT do a 'Bear Grylls'!  Find some other way down the cliff!

PS. Even 'Bear' is not stupid.  On his "rappels" if you look carefully you can see an actual rappel/belay line passed through the sleeve of his jacket and, presumably, up to an appropriate anchor.  ~ Or maybe Bear is stupid, but his producers definately are not.
(removed by author or community request)
hes also fake there's tons of videos about it
hydrnium.h2 etb4 years ago
actually, I covered this in my High school physics class. It involves impulse momentum, where p=mv (p=impulse momentum, m=mass, v=velocity) because an object always falls at 9.8 m/s^2, then velocity increases exponentially. Therefore a 2 second fall for a 100 kg person from rest, would result in 100kg*(9.8m/s^2*2)=100*19.6=1960 N of downward force, assuming the paracord does not stretch. If the paracord is rated for 400 pounds, then it should hold 1778 Newtons of force. A small, jerking fall using paracord to rappel would result in the breakage of that paracord and the rappeler's death That is the science behind these warnings below So, yeah... rapelling with paracord is a bad idea
I like it.
damurdock etb4 years ago
As a matter of genuine inquiry; Would paracord suffice for a short rappel in an emergency? And would a tight paracord weave (possibly using a higher weight cord) work as a climbing/belay harness?
Jake22 (author)  damurdock4 years ago
That is a question that has many answers. Lets start with the short rappel in an emergency. It is clearly the wrong choice if your bringing it with the idea that you may need it for a short rappel. There are much better choices, although lets say your in a burning building to high to jump out the only window exit - certainly giving it a try may be worth it if there is no other options. If you think there is a chance you may need it to rappel you should be carrying a better similar cord like spectra. There are many factors at play here. The small diameter of the cord makes it difficult to grip for a rappel. The dynamic loads on the cord will exceed its breaking strength even with a relatively light person. Knots, bends, fraying, uv light etc can all further reduce the breaking strength by more than half. Friction on even a short rappel with a carabiner can heat the cord to the point of melting (I have seen this happen in as little as 20 feet). While all these factors are still at play in making a swiss seat or other type of harness they are much less. The cord would actually be more likely to survive as a harness. I would still double it up (and it would be incredibly uncomfortable because of its thin diameter as a swiss seat). The dynamic forces would be much less, you would still have the reduction in strength from the knotting or any reduction from previous use or exposure factors like fraying and uv exposure but you wouldn't have the friction problem either.
intheshaw3 years ago
Please put it back, the best paracord belt instructions I have seen.
Colonel883 years ago
I don't get the "cross over the strands after each pair of knots" thing. Which strands do I cross over? Can you elaborate or post a picture or two showing which strands? Because quite frankly I don't get how or which strands to cross over.

Thanks in advance
Jake22 (author)  Colonel883 years ago
I don't know where you quoting that from but as mentioned in step 6

After each set of square knots (first on the right then on the left- Step 4 and 5).

Cross the 5th strand from the left over the 4th strand from the left.
tjarrod3 years ago
This is probably my favorite Instructable ever!!!

So far I have made myself one brown and one black belt. I made another brown belt for my two year old son. I made his thinner by only using two core strands (one on each side) rather than four. I have even started making them as gifts for friends and family. The belts are very comfortable and durable.

Initially I had a hard time finding belt buckles… The first one I made with a buckle I cut off of an old belt bought from a consignment shop. The biggest problem I ran into was when searching for belt buckles online all I was getting were the big ornate ones that usually accompany ten-gallon hats and pointy-towed leather boots (no offense to those who sport that look… its just not me). I finally discovered that what I should have been searching for were “Heel Bar” buckles. Since then I have been mostly using Their buckles are fairly simple, come in a variety of finishes and seem to be sturdy and look good on the belts.

The only change I have made to the original design is on the keeper. I have been gutting the inner strands out of the length of paracord I use for the keeper. It makes the keeper significantly thinner while still keeping with the theme of the rest of the belt. I like this change so much that I actually cut the keepers off the first couple belts I made and retrofitted them with gutted keepers. …Just a matter of personal taste but one I thought others may be interested in.

Have Fun!
hey, this belt is amazing keep it up :)

i have two now the first one was abit crap beacasue i was no good at the knots

I strongly suggest hammering a nail or two into your work bench to use as an anchor point so you can get it nice and neat

also I didn't have elastic bands so I passed the core strands through my legs and sat on them this seemed to do the trick and sped up the process :) awesome belt !!!!! 11\5
What color paracord is used in the belt picture? I want to order the same color and need the name.
Jake22 (author)  CntrStageStar3 years ago
That is Dark OD from supply captain. It actually appears more brown than OD.

This is further complicated by the fact that colors can vary from lot to lot. Certain sellers use different names than the manufactures names and some manufactures use the same name as other manufactures for different colors.
jbs6363 years ago
Made my first belt last week and love it. My only real issue was the end. It came out almost twice as thick as the rest of the belt. Anyone else experience this? Any secrets or tips to avoid this on my next one? I am considering taking out the inner strands when I get to the end.

Jake22 (author)  jbs6363 years ago
You can certainly take out the core strands at the end but most importantly make sure you pull them tight when you thread them back though. If you do it shouldn't be any thicker.
Jake22 (author) 3 years ago
Sure. You can make the core strands whatever color you want.
mbobb3 years ago
How in the hell do you figure 2 hours? It took me around 8.
Jake22 (author)  mbobb3 years ago
Gets faster the more you do it. Also it is good if you find a way to manage all the slack.
Hallofo3 years ago
Awesome build! I was able to make a replacement belt using my old buckle. This was my first time working with paracord this way, but your directions proved to be all I needed!

Is there a formula that you know of to calculate the sizes for the various pieces, or do you just "feel your way" through? (for example: for every foot of "core", use 2.5 feet of working line, etc...)
Jake22 (author)  Hallofo3 years ago
No real formula it all depends how tight you pull the individual knots as well as how they are spaced over the core strands. I find though with 1 100ft length of rope I can easily make a belt that is up to 52" in length.
Cyrus3 years ago
Would this work with a set of D-rings or is it to thick?
Jake22 (author)  Cyrus3 years ago
It could be done with rings but is somewhat bulky when folded over
djzadjza3 years ago
the numbers given in the last step (for the specialty stitch) would those be the approx. length for a person with a 36" waist.
Jake22 (author)  djzadjza3 years ago
Those number should cover a belt significantly longer than required for a 36' waist.
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