How to Make a Sandwich With Chocolate




Introduction: How to Make a Sandwich With Chocolate

In this instruction manual i explain how you can prepare a nice sandwich with chocolate!

Step 1: Cutting Board

Take a cutting board.

Step 2: Knife

Take a knife.

Step 3: Bread

Take the bread.

Step 4: Cutting

You cut a slice of the bread.

Step 5: Slice of Bread

put the slice of bread on cutting board

Step 6: Chocolate

Take the chocolate.

Step 7: Taking Chocolate

Take some chocolate out of the jar with the knife.

Step 8: Chocolate and Bread

Spread the bread with chocolate.

Step 9: BITE!

Take a bite.

Step 10: Mmm

Please, wipe your mouth!



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    That's not chocolate, that's nutella! But great instructions nonetheless. :)