Hello, I will be showing how to make a semi-realistic interior in an rc car as the title says. In this instructable The reason for doing something like this can vary and be helpful with miniatures in photography/videos to give a more real look to a scene. It's also a great way to showcase your favorite vehicle at a local get together.

Just for safety's sake, Please be sure to take great care when using glues. You should be in a well ventilated area as it can cause headaches and other side effects. Be careful not to glue yourself to other parts and most importantly use EXTREME CAUTION when useing an X-Acto or other "hobby" knife. They can and will cut your finger off before you feel any pain or see any blood!


Xacto knife

#11 blades

Various markers or clips

Sheets of .030 styrene

Bondene styrene glue

Super Glue

"Green stuff" filler

Acrylic paints

Fabrics of your choice in color

A harder type foam

Paintball tube for paintball pistols

Night light cover


Old ribbon wire from a pc

Led Strips

Fiber Wire

Action Figure that closely resembles yourself

Step 1: Starting the Dash

When doing this part as well as the rest make sure you have plenty of reference pics available.

First thing is to get measurements for the front body posts. Take 2 small strips of styrene and cut/drill holes in them that will allow them to fit snugly over the posts.

Once these are made you measure the inside of the body to find the dimensions for your dash. When you have your measurements sketch them out on styrene and cut them out. be sure to mark and cut any holes for dash vents or the dash cluster as well if you are going to go that detailed.

Now that all your pieces are cut out, use the Bondene in a well ventilated area to glue everything together. Once everything is dry you should now have a basic dash built. Be sure to check and double check that it fits under the body just right. It's always easy to take some material away but very hard to add more in such small amounts.

Once everything seems to fit correctly you mark where the mounting tabs will go for the body posts and glue them to the under side of the dash.
<p>Seeing the whole process really does help when your trying to do this stuff. Ill be sure to make a tutorial of my own so that way there is more variety. I'm doing a truck interior.</p>
<p>Great job You must have a steady hand!</p>
<p>That looks very impressive! I was planning to make something similar for my drift car, your guide is a true inspiration</p>
Good job on your work! Great attention to &quot;small&quot; details
Thank you very much! :)

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