How to make a sculpted zombie cake.

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Step 6: Build your zombie.

Take your two 8" rounds and two 6" rounds out of the freezer and stack them in this order, buttercream between layers: 8" on bottom, second 8", then a 6" and the second 6" on top.

Next take a knife and carve your basic zombie's shape, whatever or whoever that may be. I gave mine the basic shape then carved out a few details like depressions where I would add the eyes in later, and basic mouth, nose, creases.

Once you have it carved, give it a crumb coat of buttercream. I just used a cake spatula on this part.

Next, roll out enough white fondant to cover this. I smoothed out the fondant, using first my fingers and then my tools to further define the shapes of the facial features. The eyes and the ears were added after this.

On the eye that's there I added the eye ( a smooth slightly domed circle) and then the eyelids over top, and detailed (and gave it that nice milky zombie eye look when painting.) On the missing eye that is actually inset a bit so there's a hollow where the eye used to be. I created a deeper depression with my thumb and then added the eyelids.

I formed the shape of the ears and detailed them after I connected them.

Then went to town with the details of the sagging, rotting skin and his hair and facial hair.

I formed the fingers out of fondant.

I then hand painted him. I mixed up 9 different hues of different colors and some more "watery" than others.