How to make a Survival Knife from a secateurs or hand pruners or garden shears

why? --> handle is damaged...
style: similar to the karambit

Step 1: Ingredients


Step 2: Secateurs Disassembly

Step 3: Details

little file
turn against
recycled to the original screw
<p>spider web?</p>
<p>i have made this BUT i do not have any pictures :ccccc sadness so guys! i am going to paint my handle red and silver any ideas for a pattern??</p>
What does &quot;secateurs&quot; mean ? Never heard of it! By the way, the curved blade would make a nice Karambit knife! FYI
secateurs is another name for hand pruners or garden shears
That is an interesting looking blade. I am a little unclear how you go from all the pieces (picture 1) to the assembled blade (picture 2). Could you clarify somewhat?
See step 3

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