Introduction: How to Make a Server Cabinet/closet for Under $110

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I have been getting very security orientated due to a security class I am taking at school for my Information Systems Technology major. I have been wanting a server cabinet so I can have all my server and networking equipment in one place in my home so it is secure. Well, I am on a VERY restricted budget so instead of making one out of wood or buying an expensive $250+ metal cabinet, I went to Wal-Mart to see what I could find

Step 1: Step 1: Find Your Materials

I walked around the hardware and lawn & garden area of Wal-Mart for a while to find out what they had. I found a Sterlite plastic cabinet for $69 (They had two sticker prices; One for $69 another for $79. I got the manager when I was checking out and after he saw I saw it for $69, I got it for $69). I also picked up some office supplies on this trip BUT that is unrelated to this instructable.

So far cost: $69.00 (without tax)

Step 2: Step 2: Assemble

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The assembly took about 15 minutes and the size was perfect!

Step 3: Step 3: Back to Wal-Mart to Hide Some Cables

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About 24 hours pasted and I got tired of being barely able to close and lock to cabinet doors. So, I went to walmart to get some suppies.

This trip I got:

1) Wood Spades - $10
2) Home Theater Surge Protector - $15
3) Velcro Strips - $5
4) Adapter Cords (3-Pack) - $5

Total costs so far: $104.00 (without tax)

Note: I am having trouble adding notes to the pictures. The pictures on THIS step are not my pictures. I just ran a google search for them

Step 4: Step 4: Cable Management

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After learning to measure twice, drill hole that is hard to enlarge once, I used the biggest spade I had with was 1.5 inches. I drilled one whole in the right-side, lower back hand corner of the top portion of the cabinet for the surge protector and other wires, one whole in the first shelf to run cables, a whole in the roof to run ethernet and power cables to my router, and two holes on the left side in the middle for ventilation.

Step 5: What Now?

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The final price tag was about $104 without tax. I also added a white board to the side to write notes and IP addresses on but it has since fell down (I need super glue). The lock I am using it a gun lock that I got when in elementary school (They gave us gun locks to give to our parents and I just shoved it into a box [glad I kept it, you bet :) ] ). I also hooked up a Kill-A-Watt just for fun and because I just had it laying around.

Future Upgrades:

- Internal and External cameras for security
- Fans for ventilation (found an awesome instructable)
- A Smoke Alarm
- A temperature monitor


Warped1 (author)2016-01-12

Regarding to size, would a rack model server fit inside?

Accident-x (author)2012-01-25

Just need some plastic/aluminium cable covers and some better ventalation. Its a good idea for home use

josheggleston (author)2011-03-30

Yes, I wanted a rackmount one so bad BUT they are expensive and I didn't want to bother with wood to make on either. Also, this allows the equipment to be more secure from the computer illiterate and my cat.

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