This is a guide to making a great white shark costume, out of foam. 

Step 1: Make the Torso

Get some blue sheet foam, around 10mm thick (roughly, you'll need your chest measurement by about 2 metres, plus half as much again for spare and fins.  One can of foam glue (spray stuff), and a strip of white soundproofing foam for the teeth (a metre or so). 

Make a tube which goes around your waist up to under your shoulders.  this part is going to take some of the weight of the costume, so it should be snug at the waist and sit on your hips.   It's simply as a tube of foam, glued together with a 15cm overlap at the front or back.  
Lmao to guy on the bike lol
Did you happen to give away your shark costume at BurningMan a while back? I was gifted this costume by a fellow who couldn't transport it back home. I wore it for Halloween, but the glue has failed, the fabric has ripped, and I need to re-create the costume...
where did you get the acoustic and blue foam as I have had a really hard time trying to find.
Where can I find the foam for this? I totally want to make this?
OH man! I wish I got to see this in action in the desert! DESERT SHARK! So good.
This is hilarious! Awesome costume. <br>I love how you used the foam for teeth. Looks great. :D
Haha, awesome! I like the ending of this story, nice to know that shark went on to future adventures!

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