Picture of How to make a shaving brush
What you need
1. 3-4 inch peace of pipe. PVC or Brass, reducers are best. so you can hang dry and no rust.
2. Get a fine feather pant brush. All you need to do is feel for the softness or toughness you want.
3. Scissors
4. Water proof glue. I used Shoe Goo but epoxy would be best.
5. Washer rings. So you can seal off the end and adjust the height of the bristles.

Step 1:

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Undo the paint brush from the base to separate the bristles. 
jberry42 months ago

. . .or you could just go to CVS or Wallgreens and buy a boar brush for 10 dollars. Better yet, order a badger knot off of ebay and make yourself a high quality brush.

bruce50001 year ago

THANK.S ive price badger hair brushes & others 100 bucks & up

if someone uses epoxy use marine epoxy it,s water proff

nieks1 year ago
It would be fun to have a shaving brush that has a different handle (like the brass nutt shown in the picture) However, I strongly reccomend that you do not use the hairs from a regular paint brush for shaving. Shaving brushes need very different properties then painting brushes, and I cannot imagine using a paint brush for that purpose is very pleasant. If you want to make your own shaving brush, buy a knot from online somewhere, this will make your experience much better then trying to make some sort of knot using this material.
ryan.karr22 (author) 4 years ago
you can also find boar brushes for cheap at any fine bakery/cooking shop. this saves $100-$400
This is so freaking awesome!!