Picture of How to make a shaving brush
What you need
1. 3-4 inch peace of pipe. PVC or Brass, reducers are best. so you can hang dry and no rust.
2. Get a fine feather pant brush. All you need to do is feel for the softness or toughness you want.
3. Scissors
4. Water proof glue. I used Shoe Goo but epoxy would be best.
5. Washer rings. So you can seal off the end and adjust the height of the bristles.

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Step 1:

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Undo the paint brush from the base to separate the bristles. 

Step 2:

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Clean the inside of your pipe. A good idea would be to scoff it up with sand paper. 

Step 3:

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Now that you have your bristles and a clean pipe, insert the washers with some glue. They will stop the glue from getting out of the bottom. if need be place a rag in the non bristle side of your pipe. Also, use as many washers (with glue) as you need to adjust the size or your bristles coming out of the top.   

Step 4:

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Place more glue on top of the washers. You want enough to cover the surface area of the washer. Take a 1cm chunk of bristles and place them on the glue. You should start from the outside and work in. Continue until all bristles are used or you cant fit any more.  

Step 5:

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Once the inside diameter of the pipe is filled with bristles let your shaving brush sit for 20 minutes.

Step 6:

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Take your scissors and begin to shape your shaving brush. Just a tip: apply concave to your brush if you use shaving cream, and slightly rounded or soap. 

Step 7:

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Once the glue has set for 24 hrs please wash your new shaving brush to ensure all loose bristles are out.

Step 8:

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Please remember shaving is a luxury not a chore. This in not an all inclusive instructable. Find a brush that you like and try to replicate it. You can place the bristles in at different angels, use different bristles types, make travel brushes, the world is yours! Happy shaving!
jberry41 month ago

. . .or you could just go to CVS or Wallgreens and buy a boar brush for 10 dollars. Better yet, order a badger knot off of ebay and make yourself a high quality brush.

bruce50001 year ago

THANK.S ive price badger hair brushes & others 100 bucks & up

if someone uses epoxy use marine epoxy it,s water proff

nieks1 year ago
It would be fun to have a shaving brush that has a different handle (like the brass nutt shown in the picture) However, I strongly reccomend that you do not use the hairs from a regular paint brush for shaving. Shaving brushes need very different properties then painting brushes, and I cannot imagine using a paint brush for that purpose is very pleasant. If you want to make your own shaving brush, buy a knot from online somewhere, this will make your experience much better then trying to make some sort of knot using this material.
ryan.karr22 (author) 4 years ago
you can also find boar brushes for cheap at any fine bakery/cooking shop. this saves $100-$400
This is so freaking awesome!!