Tired of making ugly duct tape wallets, but still want that duct tape essence? Well here it is! My old wallet was trusty, but thick. The best option for a thin wallet was the all-ett billfolds, but i didn't want to spend $30 or wait for shipping! Unfortunately I've never made a duct tape wallet before nor a paper one, but that doesn't stop me! Well anyway being a novice, it took me one and a half hours but for you pros I bet a lot less.

Step 1: The Materials

For this step you will need:

-Duct tape
-Any other type of tape you want for designs and bordering or who knows what
-scissors (for cutting of course)
-something for the outside material of the wallet ( I used gift wrap)
-scotch tape
-a ruler, pencil (to draw and measure out wallet design)
-a idea of how your ideal wallet should look like. Maybe a stencil of your idea wallet size.
-clear plastic for id slot
You could enter this in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Scoochmaroo-Challenge-Fathers-Day/">Father's Day Challenge</a>!
cool. making this for my father for fathers day <br>
its duct tape, not &quot;duck&quot; tape
exactly, i hate it when people get this wrong. if you like duct tape this much, shouldn't you know?
Yeah, but there is a company called &quot;Duck Tape&quot; that makes a similar product.
it is duct tape it says duck tape duct tape :/
They really do have a brand of tape called &quot;Duck&quot; now...either from all the mispronunciations or the fact that it's waterproof, I don't know.
Awesome job! Great pictures, great Instructions. Usually I don't like duct tape Instructables, but this one is just awesome! Nice job! +1 rating.
Thanks... I really thought i wrote too much though, but yeah thanks... I didn't want to make a pure duck tape wallet in the first place.
Thats a good thing. I hate those instructables where they think the pictures just explain themselves.
nice work...i'm going to try to make it soon
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Awesome instructable! -sk8erdude

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