How to make a shiny Duct Tape trifold wallet using more than just tape

Picture of How to make a shiny Duct Tape trifold wallet using more than just tape

Tired of making ugly duct tape wallets, but still want that duct tape essence? Well here it is! My old wallet was trusty, but thick. The best option for a thin wallet was the all-ett billfolds, but i didn't want to spend $30 or wait for shipping! Unfortunately I've never made a duct tape wallet before nor a paper one, but that doesn't stop me! Well anyway being a novice, it took me one and a half hours but for you pros I bet a lot less.

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Step 1: The Materials

For this step you will need:

-Duct tape
-Any other type of tape you want for designs and bordering or who knows what
-scissors (for cutting of course)
-something for the outside material of the wallet ( I used gift wrap)
-scotch tape
-a ruler, pencil (to draw and measure out wallet design)
-a idea of how your ideal wallet should look like. Maybe a stencil of your idea wallet size.
-clear plastic for id slot

Step 2: Cutting out the Design.

Picture of Cutting out the Design.

For this step, you would want to cut out the design for your wallet. You just tape the duct tape and paste it over your intended cover design. I suggest something durable like metallic gift wrap which I used here. I made a dumb mistake by cutting out just a large rectangle instead of adding flaps. I didn't make a picture, but check out other duct tape wallet tutorials and you'll see what I mean. I just took some duct tape to make a piece of tape fabric twice as tall as it should be so that I can just fold it over. Notice that I added a little gap in the middle so that the wallet would fold easier.

P.S: the reason why the top of the wallet isn't bordered is because the edges of the square have extra gift wrap over the duct tape which i wrapped over... kinda hard to explain.. but it gives a better look with the same amount of durability, just adds about an extra millimeter.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
You could enter this in the Father's Day Challenge!
AcoAco3 years ago
cool. making this for my father for fathers day
reuben2135 years ago
its duct tape, not "duck" tape
exactly, i hate it when people get this wrong. if you like duct tape this much, shouldn't you know?
jaroot chuck_294 years ago
Yeah, but there is a company called "Duck Tape" that makes a similar product.
dim20 jaroot3 years ago
it is duct tape it says duck tape duct tape :/
They really do have a brand of tape called "Duck" now...either from all the mispronunciations or the fact that it's waterproof, I don't know.
Awesome job! Great pictures, great Instructions. Usually I don't like duct tape Instructables, but this one is just awesome! Nice job! +1 rating.
Fillitup4 (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thanks... I really thought i wrote too much though, but yeah thanks... I didn't want to make a pure duck tape wallet in the first place.
Thats a good thing. I hate those instructables where they think the pictures just explain themselves.
nice work...i'm going to try to make it soon
parloop7 years ago
Nice instructions. Professional duct tape wallets are found on Duct Tape Revolution. They carry many items made from 100% duct tape.
sk8erdude7 years ago
Awesome instructable! -sk8erdude