This instructable runs through a quick-n-dirty method of waterproofing a mic.
Now you can record yourself as you sing in your local shower/waterfall/car wash!

*now with fabulous how-to videos!
**exquisite modeling+singing done by local rock superstar El Senor Bosworth

Step 1: How to Do It!

Well, this is pretty simple. The video shows you everything you need in a dramatic visual fashion. hooray.

here's the transcript, though

Take a condom--unlubricated is better, but all my roomies had were lubricated ones and those worked OK, albeit a little slippery-ly. Stretch it out over the microphone and down past the end of the mic to the cable.

Use some duct tape to tape the end of the condom to the mic cable and seal it off.

Step 2: Try It Out

The sealed mic still has pretty awesome sound. I gave the mic to the hardest rockin guy I know to record a test song. Let us know what you think!

The day after we made this video, one of my friends was asking me what kind of fun stuff there is to do in LA on a Saturday night.
I told him, "I might not the best person to ask. My idea of a fun friday night is staying up late and videotaping Will in the shower"

So--stay tuned for more instructables on making a compact recorder, and possibly a DIY shower-recording kit.

--prank, over and out

art is wrong!
A powered XLR mic near water &amp; humans with nothing but one layer of latex &amp; duct tape to separate them? What could possibly go wrong? <br> <br>A long party balloon might be a better fit, especially for a shotgun mic. <br>They have a little dust on them sometimes, but they definitely don't have gel stuff on them.
This is so awesome. Thank you!!! There should be a site dedicated to singing in the shower.
This is FUNNY !
what really makes it special.... the reservoir tip.
I know, dude When I first made it, it looked like the tip was staring at me, so I started laughing uncontrollably, which got amplified and made me laugh harder, the result being about 5 minutes of me laughing and writhing uncontrollably on the floor holding a condom-mic up to my mouth while onlookers shifted uneasily and wondered if they should alert the authorities or poke me with a stick to see if I was still breathing
OMG LMao iVE been laughingfor 10 minutes and i still am
I think it's not his own idea. It just happened that he found this toy from his gf's bath room :)
BAHA that comment had that effect on me A++++ on the instructable and A++++ on the commment
interesting idea. :D
People might think you're using it for more than to sing in to. . _ .
if some one walks in on you i wonder what they are going to think or say
well, the only appropriate thing to do would be to sing backup...
lets hope to god that condom of yours is new:P
snoop dawg to the roxanne
Haha! :P Nice Instructable.

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