Lifecasting is the process of making a mold of a living human body.

There are a variety of techniques and methods that can be used for lifecasting.

Types of lifecasting materials include; plaster, alginate, silicone, and sometimes even waxes.

In this case, we will be making a mold of a hand using silicone and a plaster bandage mother mold.

Step 1: Gather Supplies and a Model

Fist step to making your lifecasting is gathering supplies and a model.

It is advised that you do not attempt to make a mold of yourself because it will be difficult to maintain your mold posture while applying mold material and waiting for it to cure.

If you'd like a mold of yourself have a friend help you, or make a mold of your friend instead!

If this is your first time making a mold you might want a third person on hand to help you as the silicone has a short work time and a second pair of hands will help things go more smoothly.

I used the body double starter kit from smoothon.com because it contains all the necessary supplies for making a decent sized lifecasting.

Remember to use a skin safe mold material. Not all silicones are skin safe and may cause an allergic reaction in the model.

It may be helpful to have all of these supplies on hand:

  • model
  • silicone
  • plaster bandages
  • one time use brush
  • drop cloth
  • release agent
  • mixing cups
  • bucket of warm water
  • mixing sticks/Popsicle sticks
  • small mixing container
  • smock(s)
  • chair for model
  • Mold making assistant
  • Sink

Mold making is a messy process. Put down a drop cloth before you start and make sure you and your model are wearing a smock. I've ruined too many outfits making molds.

<p>Impressive ;0</p>
<p>This is an impressive and wonderful instructable! For anyone looking for either a cheaper option or who doesn't need as much detail (I've done for sewing projects/masks), take some cheap plastic wrap, wrap the body area/part that needs casting, and then tape it up, and cut it off carefully. I like this method for custom costuming and whatnot.</p>
<p>Packing tape mannequins are great! I've used them as a base for clay sculptures. </p>

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