Introduction: How to Make a Silly Putty Man

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A super easy process on making a silly putty man. You just need silly putty and the egg container it came in!

Step 1: Ball Up Silly Putty

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ball up the silly puttyc

Step 2: Cut Putty

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Use the egg to create 5 peices

Step 3: Mush All Parts Together

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make the man

Step 4: Stand Up

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It looks like a melted snowman


seanthesheep101 (author)2011-07-07

I just happened to be playing with my silly putty in bed and rolling it into a ball until I saw this:)

jlund (author)seanthesheep1012012-01-23

Me to I was looking at the magnetic putty

bubblebut (author)2011-06-12

one word worthless

MysticX (author)2007-04-20

Reminds me of the stop-motion video I did in High School with play-do. I wish I would saved that in some electronic form, as the tape was used for recording other things.

pluish (author)2006-08-01

its in every case clear and put together very good and simple!

quiet (author)2006-07-12

a little more detail would be cool... i mean "make the man"? how? and are there options to this sort of thing ... can i get creative or should i stick to your design for best results? -ok just half way bustin a nice touch would be to squish the face on the good old comics section of the local paper... add some flash - ya know

VelvetElvis (author)2006-06-09

Waste of good ASCII...

Christophera (author)2006-06-09 improves my silly putty that i've finally moved onto the next stage of production rather than tiny little balls as 'snow balls'... rcran, check out my salt doesn't involve much either...:D i'm immensely proud of

rcran (author)2006-06-08

YES!!! This is exactly what instructables needs... You see, most of the projects on here are too involved for most people... I mean, really. How many people would have the patience to build a wind turbine or an aquarium cofee table (as great as those sound)? This kind of project is a great departure... What person with some silly putty wouldn't want to check out this GREAT step by step instructional project on how to build a silly putty man? I know this would look great on my desk... Great job clint!

billd6 (author)2006-06-08

You're kidding me - right???

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