In this Instructable I will guide you through the process of creating your own signet ring. I made my own from sterling silver, though you can use copper and its alloys (brass, bronze, nickel silver) if you want to do your project on a budget ;)  I don't recommend gold, especially if this would be your first metalsmithing project;)

You will need some equipment, some of which may be expensive, but I have to be honest with you, silversmithing is not a cheap hobby;) 

You will need:

- Sheet metal of your choosing, between 0.5 and 1 mm thick,

- Steel Callipers,
- Pen and paper,
- Universal glue or any other adhesive that will hold paper onto the metal,
- Jeweller's saw and sawblades, 
- Bench pin,
- Steel block,
- Half-round pliers,
- Wire cutters, or metal sheers,
- Ring mandrel,
- Wooden, raw-hide, or plastic mallet,
- Small polished hammer (optional, for thicker gauges of metal)
- Square, oval, round, rectangular, etc. bezel mandrel (optional for shaping)
- Cylinder daping block and punches (aka U-channel forming block)

- Silver solder (hard and medium, or medium and soft/easy if you can't find hard solder),
- Soldering block,
- Flux (borax will do nicely, for an alternative try boric acid and alcohol solution),
- Binding wire,
- Long steel tweezers,
- Ring soldering tweezers (optional)
- Propane torch (or a torch using any other fuel, acetylene, propane/oxygen, MAPP, anything will do as long as you can heat your metal enough)
- Pickle

- Flexishaft, Dremel, or a bench grinder/buffing wheel,
- Flat and half-round files (cut 3, or 4)
- Miter cutting vise (optional)
- Cylinder burr
- Sandpaper of various grits,
- Polishing compounds
- Ultrasonic cleaner (optional)
- Cleaning compounds ( or your good old dishwashing liquid)
- Polishing cloth
- Liver of sulfur (optional, for a black surface)

I am not responsible for any injuries or deaths that may result from attempts to follow this instructable. All steps must be followed in a ventilated space with sufficient lighting and preferably with a fire extinguisher at hand. Inappropriate use of the blowtorch, chemicals and hot metals may result in permanent injuries and/or death. 
Sorry, but you have been warned;) 

This ring was made during my studies at Wytwórnia Antidotum.

This is my first instructible, so I hope you will enjoy it and forgive me any mistakes that I've made while preparing it for you.

English is not my native language, and despite my proficiency there may be some errors in the way I name tools, steps or any other random stuff. Forgive me if that happens and let me know in the comments:)

Step 1: Make the Template

As you've seen, and probably know either way, the signet ring has a distinctive shape that is impossible to be made out of one piece of metal. If you want to make your own you will need to make a template for the pieces to cut out. 

You will need two identical pieces cut from the metal you chose. You can either make your template using a pencil, a pair of compasses and paper, or you can make it quite easily using a computer. I've drawn for you a rough picture of what you will need to do;) 

You will need three circles that will be the axes of your signet shape. Te top circle has to be bigger to ensure a nice wide top of the signet, you don't want it to look like an ice-cone upside-down;) You can see how to join the lines to create the shape you need.

The wider the part between large and big circle, the higher your ring will be. It's good to make it a bit high at this point, as you'll be able to trim the excess later. Remember, it's always easier to remove something, than to add in jewellery!

The wider the part between the two small circles, the wider your ring will be. Remember that when you gather you materials, as you will be trimming the ring band to that width later. The ring band that you will be fitting into the signet has to be of the width of the widest point of your bent, plus a little extra for a comfort zone. You have to have that in mind, or you will have to restock to continue later;)
<p>Hello I have a coper ring I want to plate to silver, does anybody know how to do this ?</p>
<p>Very nice work!</p>
<p>Very nice ring well done</p>
Congratulations! First Prize!
Wow, thanks, you have no idea how surprised and happy I was! :D
Very nice! the hole makes it very interesting! Thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
Thanks so much, you're too kind :) Have a nice day :)
i loved watching the process. raw metal into polished art. thanks
Thank you, I'm glad that you liked it :)
lovely... Tnx
I'm really glad you liked it:) Thanks :)
Nice job!
Thanks :)
I believe it would be usual to construct a ring like this by casting, but building the ring up like this is a really interesting and creative alternative. <br> <br>Nice work! Thanks for sharing it.
Yeah, I guess it's far more common, but I guess it might be harder to get the hollowness and thus making a ring by casting would be more expensive. It would be sturdier and heavier, though, and for some that might be what they would be looking for. <br>Thanks for the comment and for reading :)
I've gotta say, though a signet ring can technically be made from one piece of metal (but that requires either milling or melting and casting the metal you're using) this technique is far easier for the homebrew jeweler. Great job!
You're right, I forgot that I've seen someone making a very nice Green Lantern ring using CAD and a compatible mill. Casting is a great and easy way of getting exactly what you wanted, as working with waxes is easier, but it's less cost efficient as you have to have more metal (for sprues and the interior of the ring). You could of course cast the signet part hollow and then solder the band in as I did, but I'm just rambling ^^ <br> <br>Thanks for reading :)
my major is metalcraft and I think that is very good idea!
Thanks :)
Great Instructable! I like the crack as well! Kind of looks like your ring took a bullet for you :)
Thanks a lot:) I'm glad you like my ring and the instructable :)

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