How to Make a Simple Video Game!


Introduction: How to Make a Simple Video Game!

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At you can make a simple game for free without writing any code!! All you need is a hotmail account and A LOT of time!

Step 1: Go to the Website

Go to and click create a game, it should ask you to sign in with a hotmail account. If you don't have one you need to make one and come back. You will also need to install microsoft silverlight, so your computer needs to be somewhat fast.

Step 2: Deciding

Now you will need to decide what you are going to make for your game. Make sure it is EXTREMELY simple and 2 dimensional. I have made a few games and they were all super simple and not that much fun, it is just cool to able to say "I made a game!" If you want to see my games look for xander1 username.

Step 3: Make Your Game

From here it is pretty straightforward, to add people click actors and find the people you want. Make sure you set their behaviors to what you want and have fun. There are much more detailed instructions and walkthroughs on once you make a game be sure to send it to me and be my friend on popfly, my name is xander1. If you need more help PM me and i might be able to help you. Thanks for reading my instructable, please comment and rate!



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    This isnt even a video game. You all should just download ds game maker. Its much better.

    they all suck so get gmail and yes they are free so get them for this

    1 reply

    gmail rocks!

    what store do you find the parts at?

     Popfly doesn't work anymore!

    POPFLY.COM IS GONE :O is no more

    whats the difference between a live ID and a hotmail account?

    I thought hotmail, yahoo, aol, etc. were all forms of windows live IDs. so can have anyone. I guess some people prefer yahoo over hotmail.

    I think they are too, but I use a hotmail. Thx, i didn't think of that before!

    whats your hotmail? mines

    Just so that people know, an xbox live account and a zune account are also forms of live ID's.

    I know but I don't really need another email

    you are talking about how bad you want one, and then you say you don't need one... JUST MAKE ONE!

    xander1 can you make me a game i want it to be the best harry potter game ever and thanks.Please contact me at or send a message to my inbox on this site.I cant get

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    Thank you for your email I shall email you a LOT! of spam and stuff. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (just kiding). But still should not do that.

    Very interesting. It sucks that Silverlight doesn't work with Google Chrome.