If you are looking for a really fun project for kids.  This is it.  You do not have to have any electronic skills or try to figure out how to use a hot soldering iron around kids.  These are fun to make, take very little time, and they are fun to show off.  I carry an undecorated one around in my coat pocket.  If there are any kids around, I'll pull it out, turn it on, set it on the hard floor, and enjoy their expressions.

Step 1: What's Needed...

I found everything at my local dollar store to make the basic bristlebot.

1)  Vibrating Toothbrush (battery included)
1)  Fingernail Brush
1)  Roll of packaging or duct tape
1)  Package of pipe cleaners
1)  Package of google eyes
Hot glue gun and glue.

The pipe cleaners and eyes are optional.  You can choose to decorate them up or not.  If you come up with some other cool ideas for decorating, please send me some pics.

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