How to make a simple electric motor for class demo

A simple motor concept that will show the Kids the idea behind a motor. You can review the movie attach to this project.
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Step 1: Making the Coil

Picture of Making the Coil
scrap on only 1 side_ on both end.jpg
make a handle to turn.jpg
1. Use an AA size battery to make the coil with 2 long ends.
  • No. of coils is appoximately 7 coils. (you can trial and error)

2. Scrap away the insulation on the copper wire.
  • Only remove 1 side of the wire (on both ends), so that it acts like a commutator

3. Bend one side of the coil to act as a turning handle.

Step 2: Making the holder for the coil

Picture of Making the holder for the coil
1. Use a single coil sire and twist it into a loop.
  • make sure the loop is hanging down, to ensure contact between the expose srea of the copper wire.

2. secure 2 loops to the terminals of a power source. (up to you to decide)
  • I am using aonly a 2V dry fitt battery.

Step 3: Magnet

1. Use a strong Magnet (Alnico) to create the magnetic field.

2. Make sure the coil is near enough to experience the field.
*You can see the coil attracted to the magnet.

3. Turn the handle of the coil to start rotation.