Introduction: How to Make a Simple Fishing Lure With Office Materials in Under 5 Minutes!!!

Picture of How to Make a Simple Fishing Lure With Office Materials in Under 5 Minutes!!!

bored? fish? i've got a solution, make some fishing lures!

what you need:
-paper clip
-tape (i used electrical tape)
-sissors (something to cut the tape)
-pen with a rubber grip
-fishing hook (one shown works best)
*** if you don't have a hook, check dicks sporting goods, walmart, meijer, etc. you can get several for cheap!

*** haven't used it yet, but i'll post an update if i catch anything...

Step 1: Taking Off the Gripp

Picture of Taking Off the Gripp

unscrew the tip of the pen, then twist/ turn the grip off. the grip can be difficult to take off depending on what pen you use. *** you still can use the pen by placing the tip back on, it just won't have a grip

Step 2: Attaching the Hook/ Rubber

Picture of Attaching the Hook/ Rubber

bend the paper clip so it's open as shown, take and slip the hook through and to the bottom of the clip. close the paper clip the best you can, then tape it a few times around, this will make it stronger, and help the rubber from slipping. slide the rubber on, allow enough room at the top of the clip to tie.


Picture of FINISHED!

this is just a general idea of how it should look. can't wait to try it, don't care if it works or not, it was FREE!!!

good luck fishing!!!


that randomg (author)2017-06-29


WillieDiy2016 (author)2016-07-26

Think you for the idea

rolltideroll-4130 (author)2012-05-26

No fish would ever take that. It has no special movement, raddle, or even color. Somethings you just gotta buy to be effective. :( sorry!

An Villain (author)2009-08-18

that fishing hook is a treble hook. my mother says that they are inhumane.

LOL does she argue that regular single hooks are NOT inhumane? Fishing in general could probably be considered inhumane, but i love it so much, and fish taste SO GOOD! mmmmmmm! I think the walleye are a-callin' my name!

yes, she says that certain animals were put on this earth by god to be eaten, she also says that it has 3 times as many opprotunities to hook yourself, and walleye are really fun to fish for.

Musicman41 (author)An Villain2009-09-02

Animals were put on this earth for the use of Man. I agree with being kind to animals, but some people go to far. Did you hear about PETA getting angry at Obama for killing a fly in his office?

An Villain (author)Musicman412009-09-02

ha ha, that is a fail.

riverreaper (author)An Villain2009-09-03

for all that care fish arnt animals lol an walleyes a sports fsh not much for eeatting to oily , an yes three hooks with barbs the barbs can be crimpped down less inhumain but as far as that goes studies have showen that one a fish is hooked nomatter how humain you are about it if you releases it ,it will only live up to three months longer befor the infection sets in deep enogh an it dies any way , but as man goes if we dont practic at fishing an it wasnt a sport lots of things we now know would never have to become . as studies are sponned from actions so if your caught between a rock an a hard spot on all this try fishing in a rowboat lol

Benjyh (author)riverreaper2011-12-11

Just to let you know fish are animals :P and pcurl1 is right it depends on how and where you hook them.

pcurl1 (author)riverreaper2011-05-16

Wrong about the three months thing. There are documented cases of a single fish living to be 20 years old or more and being caught and released multiple times over its life.
Usually, they don't die, but it depends on how you hook 'em. If you rip half their guts out, thats another story.

An Villain (author)riverreaper2009-09-03

that is why we give our fish neosporin and band-aids.

riverreaper (author)An Villain2009-09-03

use the water prof neosporin an awter prof bandaids they like the ones with dinasours on them best , it scares the bigger fish preditors

An Villain (author)riverreaper2009-09-03

yes, especially scares the evil bass.

riverreaper (author)riverreaper2009-09-03

or is that otter proff?

LiftAndLove (author)Musicman412011-08-22

/i dont believe in god. but i am partially Jewish. i d believe in Jesus.

codester12314 (author)2010-08-10

thats ok i made a cooler 1 out of a paper clip and a sowing kit mine is grate for trawt and no it dos not bind when they bite and macke it with bright colers and consel it with souper glue

zokmanglog (author)2010-07-29

the only problem it that the paper clip is not strong enough and will bend it anf you will loose a good hook but awsome and also you can put a mini spinner pice on it and atract pike

tuckerton296 (author)2010-07-11

awesome. this inspired me to make a fishing kit, from yet agen office suplices/what can be found in the woods

Deep Blue (author)2009-07-28

Try painting it to resemble a fish

stinna2 (author)Deep Blue2009-09-24

why would you paint it to resemble a fish? the action and vibration of the lure are what is going to attract fish the most not the color or little eyes painted on it

Deep Blue (author)stinna22009-09-26

Yes it attracts the fish but predators pay a lot of attention to details. That's why lures look like real fish and are supposed to move like real fish too!

An Villain (author)Deep Blue2010-04-09

walleye are sight feeders, so this would not work well on them, but if you put some powerbait or other scent bait it would work well for scent feeders like trout.

stinna2 (author)Deep Blue2009-09-27

I my self have caught a lot of fish on lures that looked nothing like a fish for example twin tail grubs in all shades of color spoons and blades look nothing like a fish its the flash action and vibration that attracts fish. Most lures out there are designed to catch fishermen not fish!

Deep Blue (author)stinna22009-09-27

Those grubs resemble the food those fish like to eat. The spoons have scale patterns on them and spin to create a "body" that flashes like a fish that swims.

riverreaper (author)Deep Blue2009-09-03

or get the christmas tree fring out an give a sparkle to it by tieing some above the leader in brokens about 2 or 3 inches apart one another to add the efect of scooling fish , also try finding something red in your office that will make your catch think its an ingered fish to prey on then say your prayer so tou can be blessed with a plentalfull bounty oh ytr puting bread dough on hook an just drop line straint down you could be in a catfish county

king59561 (author)2010-02-22

i have 50

fishing lure with office material like that

beameron (author)2010-01-30

I made a purple a silver a black and a green also a yellow and blue one. And all catching pretty much fish. Only i put a little bit of weight inside the paper clip before you put TAPE over it. This way i can throw it further.

Deep Blue (author)2009-09-27

Also add line to the material list

spenfisher12 (author)2009-08-25

Personaly I would add a split ring and a second hook

spenfisher12 (author)2009-08-25

that is a trebel hook

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