How to Make a Simple Light Up Nock for Hunting (Tutorial)





Introduction: How to Make a Simple Light Up Nock for Hunting (Tutorial)

So this works :) I have wanted one of these for a while but they are $12 for one! HELL NO! I'd rather make my own for free, so I hope you like this, post a comment if you make this :)

I hope you will never lose your arrows again, I know how annoying it is. Happy hunting guys :D

I saw this all over the internet ( These are $135 for 6! So I thought I could make one for about £1 maybe less, and this is what came out.



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    Won't attaching the LEDs like that affect the flight of the arrow?

    Where is the instructions?

    I could have used that when I missed the round hay bales in my back yard (twice) and the arrow went in the woods, first time I found it in a log, the second.... well I never found it....
    So I'm still learning and using the horses food at target practice lol

    Sorry to hear that, I hate losing arrows too.

    I apologize, it must not be loading fully on my phone... It went from the photo of the lit nock, to the summary paragraph... With no instruction at all in between.

    My friends have understood it. I have said what you need, and where to put everything, all you need to work out is the connection.