Paracord has many uses, and an essential knot you must learn to be able to make all of these wonderful things is the cobra stitch. Once you have got the hang of it its really simple to adapt and use in all different situations.

I was experimenting with my paracord and was quite pleased with what I had created; so I decided to make an instructable on it. I will be showing you how to make a simple paracord keyring using the cobra stitch and only one piece of cord.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will be needing:
- Some paracord. 2 metres if you want to make the fatter version of the keyring, only I metre if you want to make the thinner one. This does not have to be exact; just use the length of your outstreched arm to the end of your nose.
- Some good quality scissors. Paracord can be quite difficult to cut through, so use good scissors.
- A lighter or some matches. You will need to burn the ends of the cord to make sure it stays neat.
- Some thing to unpick with. I just used a bottle stopper with a cat on it. Does the job great.
- A peg. Not entirely nessasary but good to use If you are a begginer.
- An empty key ring. You can just pull one of these off an old keychain in you want.
<p>Thanks great instructions.</p><p>Made It</p>
Nice. Ijust made zipper pulls for my jacket. To keep them on the thin/small side, I removed the 7 inner stands from the cord before I got started. Then I ran the cord thru the zipper pull first before braiding. Your measurement of nose to fingers was spot on.
i have made loads my friends say they are great my mate's kid loves her's as it doubles as dog lead and a billy (cosh) when she is out at night
Just wondering what extra steps you have to take to make the fatter version. Thanks!
And I thought I was the only one that knew this one. Job well done there.

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