How to Make a Simple Pull-back Car(rubber Band Powered)





Introduction: How to Make a Simple Pull-back Car(rubber Band Powered)

This is a simple instructable that tells you how to make a rubber band powered pull back car.
*rubber band
*kebab skewer
*2 old CD's
*a toy car

1.Cut out four cardboard squares and keep them aside.
2.take the straw and cut out 2 small pieces.
3.Tape/glue these pieces to the piece of cardboard.(this joint has to strong)
4.put glue around the hole in the CD and stick one cardboard square on it.tape it to make it stronger.Do the
same on the other side of the same CD.Do the same on the other CD.
5.Mark the center of the CD on the cardboard(stuck to the center of the CD) and using a compass make a small hole on both
the cardboard pieces on the sides of the CD. Repeat on the other CD
6.Insert the kebab skewer into one of the CD's.Now put the other end of the skewer through the straws on the cardboard and put the other CD on the other side of the skewer.
7.Attach the toy car to the other end of the cardboard piece on the underside.
8.Loop a rubber band around the exposed part of the kebab skewer and stick it with tape or glue.
9. The other end of the rubber band and stick it to the front of the cardboard.
10.pull back the car.The rubber band will wind around the axle(KEBAB SKEWER)and when you leave the car, the rubber band will unwind and in the process turn the axle and thus the car will move forward.



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    i dont understand i need measurements for class but it doesnt show them

    How far will it travel

    you are so funny beacause every thing is clear mayby you cant see well

    Dude, there ARE pictures. And there are other websites on the internet...