Picture of How to make a simple quilt
I made this quilt using recycled old sweaters and a towel, and an old blanket. 
I made this for my puppy Jack, so he can stop stealing my blanket. 

You can do this any size and colors you want, for puppies, your young kids, for yourself to cuddle with in front of the tv, smaller pieces for the seats or tables, anything you want.

What you need:
- old scraps of materials or what i used: 2 sweaters that shrunk in the washer, one older towel and one (green) blanket for the back.
- scissors
- needle and thread
- a sewing machine if you don't have the patience for hand sewing (mine just broke)

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Step 1: Cutting your fabrics

Picture of Cutting your fabrics
Chose your fabrics and cut them into squares or rectangles and line them up into the pattern you want to see at the end

I ordered them along my back piece, the green blanket. 

Step 2: Sew the squares

Picture of Sew the squares
I first pinned all the squares together, right side down. 
I then sewed them all together so that the patterns are on the outside and the back sews will face the inside of the blanket. 

This will go very much faster on a sewing machine. It took me about 4 hours by hand. 

Step 3: Test and pin sides together

Picture of Test and pin sides together
After sewing my squares i gave it to Jack for testing and after i got the approval, i went on to matching the two pieces on the quilt together.

The green blanket is my back, and the squares piece i put on top, right side up and sewing side on the inside. 

I pinned middle pieces together, and then the sides as a frame.
I folded the green blanket over the sides of my squares and pinned. 
That looks great! I have been wanting to get into making quilts. Thanks for this easy tutorial :)
janecandy (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
you are most welcomed and i'd like to see a picture of the one you make, if you want to send me one ^.^. have fuuun