Hi everyone, i am going to tell u how to make a small, simple and strong electromagnet. Sorry about the bad quality pics and videos and i could not upload many pics step by step, but i will try to explain as much as i can. U can see the videos in the last step.

Step 1: The items you will need

The items you will need are:-
1. 20 gauge enamel coated copper wire also known as magnet wire. ( I bought around 20 meters)
2. a spool like the one i use or something similar.
3. electrical tape.
4. 6v battery (better if using 800-850 ma) i used a 1.5A.
5. A ac to dc converter.
6. aligator clips.
7. a neodymium magnet.

And a lot of time.
<p>Hi</p><p>I'm trying to magnetize a ferrite powder, Could I use something like this?</p><p>Thanks Chris</p>
As you made it, approx. how much can it lift/repel? And how big is it?
Also, video links aren't working on my phone.
I forgot to tell this , u can increase ur electromagnets strength by adding a iron core and i recommend a soft iron core because soft iron gets magnetised when there is electricity and gets demagnetised when there is no current, but the other irons get magnetised and maintain that property. A few examples are objects made out of steel get magnetised and dont get demagnetised.
even better, just use a weak solid ferrite magnet for the core, which you would increase its magnetism with using the coil. if your core magnet is too strong, heat it up a little bit so its hot to touch, and it will gradually loose its magnetism. stop heating and cooling once its weak enough. but overheat and it looses it completely.

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