How to make a simple stop motion video using Windows Movie Maker

video How to make a simple stop motion video using Windows Movie Maker
This is, to put it simply, a five minute project I made at school to show I could put together a simple film.

These are a few examples of stopmotions that a friend and I worked together on, although never spending enough time on them.

My Animated Milk - Shortlisted for TropJR in Australia

Lego Tetris (And yes, we realise that some of the bricks are the wrong length)

Some famous or well made examples.

Tony vs Paul - The battle between two friends turned enemies.

The original Human Tetris

My Animated Life
gnoll6 years ago
Hey, thanks for the instructable. This is the video I made using your tips.

napalm66 gnoll4 years ago
wow. that's... AWESOME!
Wow! Thats awesome!!! How long did it take?
stranoster (author)  Sheda_Bomb845 years ago
Yeah, that's really excellent. Would you mind if I added it to my Instructable as another to view? All credits to you obviously.
Yeah, that would great! The only alteration I made to your instructable was that I only used four pictures per second (picture duration .25). Thanks so much! This is our first one and we learned how from your instructable!
that's awesome..
WilliamL54 months ago

that waaaaaaaas aaaaaawesooome

Darperooni1 year ago

Try to make one just like yours, but you are WAAAAAAY bettah!

PS: dont have my own stuff yet........:S

Darperooni1 year ago

Like the vids

:) :)

longnose0033 years ago
A smile but straightforward video demostration.
Its pretty bad but im 11 and its my first and also its on my webcam :L
Heeey!! Thanks a million for the help:)) Ill post my vid in a couple of days that ill make with the help of the vid.
You can use this method with claymation as well. And to make it super easy all you need is a web cam and take picture then you can figure out the rest.
NBAY3 years ago
This is ABSOLUTELY amazing! I have been wondering how to create an animation for a long time and you made it look relatively easy although I know it took a lot of work. At least after having seen your video it seems doable. Is there an email address to reach you at gnoll? Contact me on mine at info (At) I have a few questions.

hiwaarco3 years ago
We are looking for some one who would be able to draw. We are producing an animated short film
please reply to
this is a really good instruct able but my minimum pic duration is 1.25 and its sooo slow it wont change can anyone plz help me?????? =(
You could use 2x speed effect.
stranoster (author)  thefoodman4 years ago
Yeah, that's definately the right thing to do, but you'll need to apply it to MANY transition parts. If it's something you guys want, I can piece together another video about how to make one with a more suitable freeware program?
That would be cool.
stranoster (author)  thefoodman4 years ago
Actually, if you wanted it applied to the whole video, you could make the video, and insert it into a new project, then apply the effect. Anyway, a simple webcam based program is located here if you wanted to play around.
I can't use that because I don't have a webcam and have to use a digital camera.
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oh nevermind ithought was someone elses video > sorry! :P
Oh, haha, that's OK. I was wondering what you were on about :)
lol, I'll make an epic fail stop-motion vid. synopsis: a guy is gonna demolish a building, detonator doesn't work, guy gets angry and the impossible happens....
stranoster (author)  nutsandbolts_644 years ago
That actually sounds REALLY cool! Go for it, post it when you're done :D
If only I got some lego it would be a lot nicer, but since I don't have any....
stranoster (author)  nutsandbolts_644 years ago
There are actually a few websites that sell knock-off lego, shipped free from China. Try 
China? I just live a few thousand kilometers south of there!
stranoster (author)  nutsandbolts_644 years ago
And I. Though I'd call mine a South-Eastish direction. It's pretty excellent though, I mean, free shipping! And genuine-knockoff prices!
i made one after watching your video it's really short but i think it's pretty good for my first try
stranoster (author)  MusicMasterB124 years ago
Well, I'd love to see it or link to it, so if you'd like, leave it in a comment :)
ps. ohhh yea and my version of windows media player is v11