Hey there makers, here's how you make a simple two color vinyl car decal. 


- Vinyl, at least two colors
- Transfer paper
- Rapid Tac

Prepare your design in two parts- the "design" portion, which I have in yellow, and the background, which I have in red. The background is just a big circle. 

Step 1: Cut your vinyl

Load your vinyl:

I don't know about your vinyl cutter, but the one I have access to leaves little track marks where the rollers are, so position your rollers on both ends of your vinyl and no where else and position your origin so that your design falls between them. Be careful to watch your vinyl for puffing or moving around while it's cutting. You can also move it around in the "Offline/Pause" mode to see whether or not it'll move around too much.

If you don't have a vinyl cutter, go ahead and cut your design by hand.

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