How to Make a Simple Arduino Ultrasonic Radar System ..





Introduction: How to Make a Simple Arduino Ultrasonic Radar System ..

i see many project on net about ultrasonic radar system ....finally i made this here i share this project with you which is easy to make with ultrasonic sensor arduino and servo motor ....follow the step ...

part to be required

1.arduino microcontroller uno

2. servo motor

3. ultrasonic sensor

4.basic stucture to mount

5. jumper wires

6.arduino ide

7.processing 2.1 ide

download arduino ide

download processing org.

Step 1: Make a Bread Board Circuit and Rigid Structure to Mount Arduino Board ..

Arduino and processing program

Download program from

Go to Learn page - Make Arduino Radar

first upload the arduino program to arduino board

open processing ide ....

copy past the program i give here for processing .....and press play button ...

if everything is ok then you will see the radar screen as shown in above figure.....

Step 2: Demo Video...



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I cant get the processing code to display anything but a static image it doesn't show anything even when i put my hand in front of the sensor

the processing software isn,t working pls reply soon

Please help me i want to increase the speed of servo

that is ideal speed i used to make this . if you increase the speed of servo motor then you will not get accurate graph .

heyya there,we used your coding and technique to make this radar but I didn't understood the last section of coding for processing ide. I f possible could you please send me a more elaborative version of comments for that piece,asap.

Hello please specify the Position of programming you didn't understand . or mail me your specific query to

Thanks for sharing this amazing project! I do have one question though:

Is it possible to display the radar you made on your phone using a bluetooth module?

everything is possible but the question is same how ? . you can try to plot a graph on visual basic with 2 Hco5 I am doing something similar to this . you will get intractable or complete guidance on my blog after completion of project :)

Excuse me ,if i want to use two of ultrasonic or more than 2 by to show on radar system which i will to use IDE Processing and IDE Arduino program in working . What should i do. advise me please, thank you.

Hello you can use 2 ultrasonic sensor but that will be much more complicated . it will take lots of time to interface both and result will be same . because you can only access one serial command at a time so only one will give you graph :)