How to Make a Skate Board Into a Snow Board!

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Introduction: How to Make a Skate Board Into a Snow Board!

Now this is  my brothers instructable cause he pretty much did very thing! I only help with the grinding, and put the  washers on! So I hope you  enjoy my brother instructable, and he is enter in this in to the inner tube contest so please vote for it!!!

Step 1: How to Make a Skate Board Into a Snow Board

 you need a intertube a skate board 12 screweds and 12 washers a glue gun and a scissor     p.s I for got the washers

Step 2: Glueing the Innertube

Now glue the innertube into place and glue it good and get your snow boot to measure it.

Step 3: Screwing It In

I hope you glued it good because when you screw it in, it will twist the innertube.  

Step 4: Grinder

Now you  cut off the screws on the bottom of the skate board with a grinder.

Step 5: You Are Done

Now you are done. So go snow  boarding!



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    I made last year and it works really well! Great idea!

    hey dude. gr8 tutorial, for more details on skateboard based snowboards check out my youtube channel. it may be some use to you and this tutorial. youtube/chimpofm or just search how to make a snow skate


    K my bro built this before he had his own accout! but sounds cool!

    this would be best if you want to practice on a trampoline!



    haha you took the music board and made it into a snowboard


    Well my brother did that but Yay!


    My brother thanks you!!!

    hah i tried this once....its alot slippery than a snowboard but you cant controll it!