How to make a skill-stick thing that flings stuff(catapult)

Hello, welcome to Chowman's second instructable! Before we begin, I know that the pictures are blurry, I used a Nintendo DSi to take the pictures because no other camera I could find took SD cards. Anyway, this is an easy catapult to make, and it shoots far at the maximum pull-back. I couldn't find a plastic spoon to use for the "shooting spoon", so I made one. I am not responsible for any harm you do to others or yourself. I am also not responsible for burns caused by hot glue. Now let's get started! :D
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Step 2: Break the Skill Sticks

Break the skill sticks into the pieces shown. But don't break all of the skill sticks! Make sure you have some spares, just in case you accidentally mess up and have some excess wood sticking out. So you should have 12 unbroken and 12 pieces. The total is 24 parts(excluding the large popsicle stick and the rubber band).

Step 3: The Base

Take two whole skill sticks. Hold them one on top of the other. Take another two and do the same thing as you did with the first two. Connect them by the wide notch in each pair. Do the same to another two pairs of skill sticks, and then connect them to the first "angle" you made. The result should be picture 2. 

Now take another whole skill stick. Place it in the narrow notch closest to the middle, on either side(picture 3). Take another whole skill stick and place it in the outer narrow notch, on the same side(picture 4). Now take both of the skill stick pieces that are second from the smallest in size. Place them where picture 5 says to place them. Make the rounded end face outward. Take another whole skill stick. Place it on top of the outer skill stick, same side as the other ones in this paragraph.
ninja_maker4 years ago
where do you get skill sticks!?!?!?!
Chowman (author)  ninja_maker4 years ago
At most craft stores. I forget how much they are because I bought mine a long time ago. I got mine at hobby lobby, and they aren't very expensive. I'd recommend not getting the painted ones, due to the plain ones being more efficient.