How to Make a Sledge Out of Wooden Palette





Introduction: How to Make a Sledge Out of Wooden Palette

The whole of England was blanketed with snow and living right by Hampstead Heath I jumped onto the opportunity to go sledging, after I'd finished all of my work for the day.

I didn't want to fork out on a new one, but I wanted something a little more substantial than a dinner tray. So I decided to build one.

Fortunately I stumbled across a wooden palette resting against a skip next door.

Tools required:
> Saw
> Claw hammer
> Chisel
> Sledgehammer
> Nails (I reused the nails from the palette)

Step 1: Separating the Palette

Saw the three struts that hold all of the top boards.

Separating the wood is quite difficult, as the nails are usually quite long and wood is quite soft.

I used the chisel and sledgehammer to separate the wood and then used the hammer to leverage them away.

You'll now have a platform for the sledge.

Separate three boards, to be used as the rails.

Step 2: Curving the Rails

On each of the rails, simply saw at an angle at one end to form a curve.

I'll add a better photo later

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Line up the rails on the underside and nail them to the platform.

I attached an ethernet cable, to help pull it around

I'll add a better photo later

Step 4: There You Go

And there you go. Simple, cheap, effective and fast!

Step 5: Improvements

If I'd had a bit more time to spend on it, I would have:
> made the platform narrower. It would have reduced the resistance when sledging
> smoothed out the rails more
> coated the rails in a finish



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    I've made a palette sledge myself last summer by simply screwing some old ski's to the bottom and knocking of the middle ground beam (don't know the exact word for it) And I've added an old chair seat for comfort.

    Another fab idea! Thank you!! Maybe some cushions to soften any impacts... :-)

    Great instructable by the way - we just got good snow in Belgium and more forecast for the weekend. Now I just need to borrow a saw,  and get my hands on a palette...


    btw - who cares what it's called.

    If you are willing to sacrifice a little hill time, sanding the runners (or rails) and waxing them with parafin should help :)

    I was always under the impression paraffin slowed sleds down!?

    I dunno, never tried it personally, but I know you have to wax skis & snowboards. I just picked parrafin because it is an easy wax to get.

    One more thing...I think they call kerosene paraffin there!!! Here we go again XD

    Good idea. Maybe even some sort of metalic rail, like a strip of window blind

    If you go to a building supply store (like Home Depot here in the states), you can ask for some flashing. It would work perfectly & no need for waxing.