I was bored, so i decided to make a tobacco pipe, out of some small bamboo.
This was how it's made:

Step 1: Get Yourself Bamboo

i was walking down a road on my street, when i saw a small thicket of bamboo, so i grabbed a piece about 3/4 inch in diameter and one about 1/8 inch in diameter

the longer a piece you get, the more pipes you can make
I'd just like to make a point here: Bamboo is nature's fiberglass. As such, I strongly suggest you coat the inside of this pipe THOROUGHLY with wax. An experienced pipe-maker taught me this trick when I was younger, and from what he told me, it saved me from microscopic slivers and a nasty infection. No, this does not mean that you can smoke out of a fiberglass pipe as long as it's covered in wax ;)
<p>Hello there, I realize this is a very old post but if you are still around, may I ask as to what kind of wax should be used to coat the inside of the bamboo pipe? And how do you do so? Thank you!</p>
i really wish i could get my hands on some bamboo where i live haha nice ible
You say you need to get your hands on some bamboo like you already have the weed hahaha<br>
how do you get the pipe/ tube end to be hollow all the way through mdog
bamboo is hollow except for the water blocks so you can just use the pieces between those
Hard to find 4&quot;+ long pieces that slim, without nodes.<br /> I&nbsp;think I may have to fashion a drill from a piece of coat hanger wire...<br /> <br /> Cut a length of straight steel wire.<br /> Cut one end to a fairly well centered point.<br /> Hammer the point to flatten and thin it a bit.<br /> Grind edges on a stone or concrete surface.<br /> <br /> Pass down the length of the pipe stem and twirl with fingers to drill through intermediate node blocks.<br />
I've used coat hangers before, but didn't have to flatten the end. Just use some wire cutters and they will leave an edge suitable for drilling through wood. I used to do this when drilling through floors to install forced air heating systems. a regular drill bit would get all tangled up in carpet fibers, but the coat hanger would go straight through.
yeah that might work<br />
Dont get caught if you smoke weed??? Shouldent it be don't smoke weed??
nope <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Pretty kewl, how does it hold up to smoking? Is it a one time use thing or can it be used on a more permanent basis? Also, does it have any weird taste when you smoke it compared to a pipe you might buy from a smoke shop? If your camera has a macro mode, you might be able to get clearer pictures by the way.
bamboo holds up very well to continued use. It does create a bit of an odd taste at first, but this eventually goes away as you use the pipe more.
that's pretty cool i've always wanted a pipe but have no money to buy one did you use green or dead wood?
since it says "let it dry" i can only assume he used green wood.
it looks quite green though bamboo does tend to keep it's colour well i suppose
these pictures are really blurry I recommend using a solid surface like the table the pipe is on to get a steady picture Right now, I can't tell if thats a pipe or a gavel
Thats some nice work! The pictures are a little blurry, it might be worth having another go at taking a good final picture.
Pretty cool idea. Just one suggestion: use the macro setting on your camera, or draw some diagrams. Clear pictures make an instructable much better!

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