I been working on this for about some time. I like to do thins that are not to expensive but does the job of something a lot more expensive. I think in this web page you can find lots of people doing the same, and that is REALLY helpful for all of us.

See more cool projects in my blog

 Now you can find everywhere led projectors, some of them are really good, but also so expensive. You can buy a led projector here in Uk for about 100 pounds, but there are not to good, they need to be in a dark room and the size of the screen they project is about 21" witch is not really impressive.

So I thought i could try to make something similar, and if possible a bit better, and obviously a lot cheaper.

Here is the result, using 80 led of 13000mcd. I'm still not to happy about the result, because the light is not even, thats is because the angle of the LEDs do not allow them to be so close to the screen, so i decide to buy one of the new high power led and use it with a condenser lens.

I don't think i have pictures of the whole project but I'll try to gather as much inf and pictures i can to add it here.

Please keep in mind me english sucks and this is my first instructable.

In this video you can see the projector working, but in real life you can see the screen a lot brighter.

                      YO CAN SEE MY NEW PROJECTOR HERE

In this other video you can see the LEDs i'm using at the moment. (80pc 5mm led, 13000mcd) but soon i'll receive the 20w 1000lm high power led from hong kong. I'll post some videos as soon as i get it an try it.

And in this las video you can see briefly the led projector again, I'll try to make better videos and post them.

Thank you for reading and watching, I'll post the making of this projector step by step couse i'm a bit busy
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kimpoys3 months ago

hi, I'm a ece student and my thesis now is making a led based projector for smartphone , can i ask sir what are the parts i need for making it..tnx

kimpoys3 months ago

hi, i am electronics engineer student my thesis is making a image projector for smartphone .. can i ask you sir what are the parts i need

KizzyRanatha3 months ago

Can I use a camera instead or the Mp4. I have an Olympus x42 laying around. I'm guessing I will have to make alterations. also my camera has zoom lens and when just filtering light through it the size wasn't bad (can it sub it for the projector lens. I'm a noob but was inspired by your blog) you help is welcomed and appreciated.

books4ume9 months ago

Newtonn2, here is a link to a 3D viewer which can be made very easily, to view Cross eye side by side photos on any regular TV, LCD, LED or Computer monitor.

This viewer is for those of us who find it difficult to cross our eyes to view such 3D cross eye photos and videos. Make one and see how easily you can now view such Cross eye side by side 3D images and videos. Here is the link to the instructable :-

Happy viewing! :-)

hkerr1 year ago

where did u get the old lense ..... £20 on ebay ;(

hkerr1 year ago
(removed by author or community request)
newtonn2 (author)  hkerr1 year ago
Yo need the board that came with the lcd as well
hkerr newtonn21 year ago

i took an lcd from a phone when i didn't know much. but now i am using an old camera taken apart with the lcd connected and an sd card slot.

(i riped stuff of of the phone board)

Hi, Newton Its great, I need the help to connect DVD players jacks & from PC to LED ? Please help detailed please
I purchased very cheap LED projector, Now I want to increase its DPI (Pixels) by aditional hardware. Can anybody give me guide how to increase the same.
Thanks in Advance.
coleen072 years ago
Dear mr. newton, Is it possible that u can connect the projector to the computer? Pls answer. Thanks!
cubbydebry2 years ago
Hey I think I've got everything i need for my projector! I was just wondering if this light would be bright enough to project over about 8-feet?
Thanks for your good work.
I have an old slide projector that I wnat to turn into video projector, following your instructions.
I didn't find any information about how to connect the projector to a computer...
Is it possible to project something directly from a computer ? How ?
hi i know you have mad a new projector. but for this one if you installed a couple of IR led's next to the camera you would have "night vision" and be able to see in the dark with it. the IR's arent detectable to the human eye either. but im sure you already knew that ;)
mspearin3 years ago
Could you use an iPod touch???? Has any one tried??
MostBrainy3 years ago
hey newtonn2 i hav got everything needed but i hav searched everywhere i cannot find a 10w or 20w i got a 3 watt led but because of wrong voltage input it is now not working now so i hav only a 1 watt led it enough.........and one more thing i cannot convince my dad to by another 3 watt so say anything except that.............................waitin for ur reply soon
newtonn2 (author)  MostBrainy3 years ago

Hi!, I don't think you can use a 3w or 1w LED. To get the screen bright enuf you need something more powerful. I'm sorry you can't get the right LED.
You can use a cheapy halogen light
search on high power led
dealextreme mate... check there
vov353 years ago
Have you tried using capacitors rather than rechargable batteries? they're basically meant for this application...
newtonn2 (author)  vov353 years ago
Hi there! I haven't try that, good idea, it may work.
dilu3 years ago
dear newtonn pls suggest how can i use lenses, Fresnal Lens (which you mentioned ) and Condensor Lens which one i have..... pls give an idea about lenses.
TACOx33 years ago
Is it possible to use the lens from an old telescope?
I know i don't do it all the way right, but i didn't use a LED driver because the 12V power suply i used is a 1,25A and the LED works between 1,4A and 1,8A

this confuses me a little. you say the power supply is 1.25 amp so for my example we will round up to 1.30 and the led works between 1.40 and 1.80 amps. with these numbers the psu isnt putting out enought amps to power the led. how is it possible that the psu is powering the led without the correct amperage? OR am i getting something horribly wrong.
someoldguy5 years ago
Will an old gameboy screen work for this project
no you need an lcd screen that is capable of playing movies ex; digital cameras, cell phone screens, you get it.
newtonn2 (author)  someoldguy5 years ago
 I'm not sure, I never took one of those  a part. 
my old mp4 player broke is there any other way to do this without the mp4 player

newtonn2 (author)  someoldguy5 years ago
You could use another LCD screen. There are some that you can connect to a DVD, VIDEO, etc.. in the comment somebody posted a link with a good LCD, I'll try to find it and send to you.
how a mp4 lcd can connect to a computer or dvd player
ok thx

atselikas3 years ago
can you give a link to buy triplet lens
atselikas3 years ago
Can i use a 20W halogen with out condenser lens,only fresnel lens
katareprat3 years ago
Awesome ! It inspired me to make my own one too :)
I'm currently looking for a fresnel lens. Can you please tell me if this one could do :

there's also a bigger one :

I'm asking as my LCD size is different from BOTH of I've no idea if these lenses will or will not do

Thanks for the wonderful 'ible !!:)
exilaus4 years ago
finaly i finish my 1,8"
all photo are there (i need update with projector at work)

- wood
- 12v input
- 2 ssc p4
- 2 for 30grad optics low cost from dealxtreme(pack of 10 2,xx $)
- frensel credit card
- lcd 1,8
- a part of optics from slide projector
- alluminim 5x5x2 (take from big heatskin)
- lm317 with resistor

in arrive from china : battery pack for cctv 12v 4800ma 230gram for convert it in travel projector
exilaus exilaus4 years ago
update picasa site with projector at work final cost of my projector 30/40 euro
thaekeh exilaus3 years ago
this is kind of awesome
newtonn2 (author)  exilaus4 years ago
Well done!!!! I like it, it is really small. can you adjust the screen size? It may look even better a bit smaller. It's really good, you done something really cool!
unique mode for take screen too much smaller are reduce space from wall and projector , lens move but only for focus, in a photo i stay at 4 meter is so too much big i know..and only in black room see it. optimal distance are 1.5 - 2,5 m at wall result are big and much brillant tomorrow take other photo now i going to sleep :) thx again for your guide and sorry if i finish late :) size is near your only :) problem are lcd it are 3band color one near other but it nice and portable. i need only tested for long time time for see temperatures...but i want finish it totaly before my wife and son return at home and test it for last. when arrive 12v battery pack i take a photo with it...teoricaly it for 4,30h! link for see battery is it thx again
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