Step 5: Begin Braiding Retention Line

Divide the strings into 3 pairs of strings that are on the same side (left, middle, and right) [first picture]. Braid the pairs as if they were one cord. Do this until you have 5 inches of braid. (Second picture)

Remove the tie cord and tie it at the bottom of the braid.

I have done two slings like that braiding three 20 meters long, ttwo millimiters diameter alpinistic use sinthetic cords. Few meters were in excess. Excess depends on the length of two lines. I made two lines 25-30 inches long from retention ring to the pouch. The end of release line was a diamond knot. I added a leather pouch. Leather was from an old boot. . <br> A sling made from a normal rubber band is not the kind of thing David or shepards used against lions or he used against Goliath . This braided sling is intended for throwing egg size stones. Try a lot of blank shots before throwing anything and learn how to use the sling safely for your ears and head. Then throw tennis balls. Clay balls could be a good option. When you throw real stones use smooth round stones and go in an open field , no people , cars or any valuable good within the range of 100-150 feet. <br>A fantastic sling was found in pharao Tutankamon tomb and making a copy of that one can be a stimulating project..
Good idea! It's better than taking a normal rubber band!
Great idea, thanks!
Of course ^_^ With not much experience with slinging, and not much power behind it, I threw a rock roughly 60 feet earlier today with the very sling made here.

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