How to Make a Small Case for Projects or Anything You Want.


Introduction: How to Make a Small Case for Projects or Anything You Want.

About: Crazy and creative Industrial design student at Kielce Technology University.

It's great case for small projects, or to keep your stuff in good order.
I use it for keep my electronic parts.You can make in it a small circuit board or something.

it's the final result

Step 1: What You Must to Have.

You must have:
-Cable holder/organiser
-Glue gun
-Utility knife (or other sharp tool)
-Setsquare (I don't know if this word is good)
-This instructable

Step 2: Cutting Holder.

You must cut the holder and add to the length of 3cm
I cut 3 inches of cable holde r
and so my box will have a 4.5 centimeter.

Step 3: Sidewall

You must cut the 1,5 centimeter of holder like on the picture

Step 4: Bending the Sidewall.

Bend the wall we cut before, like on the picture...
And do it on the other side.

Step 5: Last Step

Cut the top of cable holder and put it on box.

Step 6:

 Yes we finish!

Thanks for reading.
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    re: Yes we finish * Yes ! We are done making this small case ! * =)

    I have some storage containers that have deteriorated from sunlight exposure, and I need to replace them. This may be helpful. Thank you.

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    I'm glad that you like my idea
    please rate my instructable