Picture of How to make a small case for projects or anything you want.
It's great case for small projects, or to keep your stuff in good order.
I use it for keep my electronic parts.You can make in it a small circuit board or something.

it's the final result

Step 1: What you must to have.

Picture of What you must to have.
You must have:
-Cable holder/organiser
-Glue gun
-Utility knife (or other sharp tool)
-Setsquare (I don't know if this word is good)
-This instructable

adrian092 years ago
re: Yes we finish * Yes ! We are done making this small case ! * =)
Phil B4 years ago
I have some storage containers that have deteriorated from sunlight exposure, and I need to replace them. This may be helpful. Thank you.
kondzio29 (author)  Phil B4 years ago
I'm glad that you like my idea
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