How to Make a Small Flaming Vortex of DOOM!





Introduction: How to Make a Small Flaming Vortex of DOOM!

Thats right, of DOOM!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need;

Computer cooling fan (as big as possible)
square by rectangular box
duct tape
packaging tape
paper towel
twelve volt thingy
small alligator clips
motor oil (gas is too combustable)


box cutter
wait... wrong list, ignore the last three

Step 2: Cut the Box

on the right side of each face of the box draw a rectangle really thin by really long (your box is probably differently sized than mine, for me it was 1/2 in by a foot)
you should use a wood spacer to make it a whole lot easier

on one side draw a rectangle semi wide by really long (for me it was 3 1/2 in by a foot)

in the center of the top draw a circle the size of the fans blades

cut out what you drew

Step 3: Finish the Box

duct tape the fan on top

put packaging tape on both sides of the big rectangular hole

Step 4: Rig the Power

attach alligator clips to the red and black fan leads

attach the red alligator clip to the top of the jack and the black to the bottom

Step 5: Vortex Time!

soak a wad of paper towel in motor oil but leave a corner unsoaked (I used penns oil)

put on plate and place in the box

light the unsoaked corner, and after the oil is burning turn on the fan

watch the awesome flames

don't leave the fan on for more than a minute or the blades will melt



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Questions & Answers


In my youth I made one of these a couple of times on the river but didn't use a box , just 1/2 gallon of gas and a whirlpool in the river . Whirlpool created by tree roots that grew out into river . Was huge about 50 foot high . Will never do that again . Caught friend that was in tree above it on fire . He was fine . Not a mark on him . He did have cold ride home from jumping in river in late October in Ohio to put himself out .

Dude! That is not good. You poluted the environment.... :(

you can also use nail polish remover, better for enviornment

lol i live in ohio to... swiming in october is a bad idea

Went up in flames but was excellent while it lasted!

can u use a small fan instead of a computer fan???

i am using a small computer fan and it works perfectly fine, i am also going to make a holder so i can leave it on without the blades melting lol :D

Now that's cool!