Similar to my smoke bomb, this is how to make a flamethrower bomb! It's pretty much the same as the smoke bomb except for less smoke and more FIRE!!! Also, in the picture, the hole should be covered with a cotton ball, I just didn't have a picture with one.

The flames come up a couple of feet and real fast!! .. BE CAREFUL AND SAFE!!

However, when dealing with fire there is always a disclaimer coming soon ahead...


Ok, let's continue...

Step 1: Materials

1) 3-4 ping pong balls
2) About 50 or so matches (they CAN be those that you sometimes get at restaurants)
3) Scissors or pliers
4) A small bin or container
5) A cotton ball or small piece of cotton
6) A clothes hanger (optional)
7) Either one of the matches from above or a lighter
<p>I noticed that after you light it, you must quickly run away. I've puzzled it for a bit, and I think if you light it in a Ziploc bag then seal and toss, it might work. The drawback is that when it explodes it might use up all the oxygen in the bag more quickly than it will melt the plastic. This would make it safer, but it might not work at all. I'll check it out as soon as I can find some danged ping-pong balls...</p>
The foil thing looks like a dildo but I still really want to make one
<p>The video doesn't work because it says that &quot;the youtube account associated with this video has been terminated&quot;.</p>
<p>Ok I fixed it! Sorry about that! Recently youtube put strikes on a couple of my videos for using music that wasn't mine and so they terminated my account :( Unfortunately, due to this I am unable to embed the video into the instructable but if you click on the link for the video, it should bring you to to a separate page to see it. Sorry again about this! Let me know if you still cannot see the video and I will do my best to fix it!</p>
i like fiery stuff! this is cool! make a sparkler bomb! they are cool too!
i made a sparkler bomb once but they dont sell any sparklers near me so i havent made one since... :P oh well at least i have these :D
Be very careful with match heads. Three to four books worth can cost you fingers if mishandled. Other than that, not bad. :)
you could fill it with some tissue-dipped-in -acetone(nail polish remover) instead and enjoy Ive done it and its awesome however be carefull with acetone though if it falls on you youll be on fire and its very hard to douse a acetone fire.besides acetone is cheap
true, ill give it a thought! :D
Vengeance can now mine!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i thought those were oranges <br>
not quite!
That's cool! It makes a pretty tall flame for how small it is.
Yea, thats the cool thing! To tell the truth this bomb came out of complete mistake. I was making the smoke bomb and I decided to add some match heads to see what would happen and I got this! :)
You know, unless you want your whole family sleeping at a red cross shelter for a week, burning it further away from your house would be a good idea.
It was my neighbor's house... LOL JK.. I know, this was a couple years ago when I didn't think very long on what I was about to do.
Hey, I'm over the half-century mark and I still don't always think things through, (unfortunately).
The Arson Ninja strikes again!
Pyro is my middle name! :)