How to Make a Small Shuriken Pouch





Introduction: How to Make a Small Shuriken Pouch

In this instructable i am going to teach u to make a small shuriken pouch. Btw don't make fun of this it is my first instructable

Step 1: Getting the Materials

First your going to want to get your material's.
1. get your box and piece of cloth and paper fastener
2. get your scissors and a sharp knife
3. now get a hot glue gun and one glue stick for your hot glue gun

Step 2: Getting the Pouch Ready

your going to want to make a hole just above the lip of the box and above the top then glue the brad in the hole in the lip.

Step 3: Making the Slits

Now take your sharp knife and cut to slits in the back of the box.

Step 4: Putting in the Cloth

Now take your cloth and put it through the two slits.

Step 5: Using It

Now take any small shurikens you have and put them in and tie it around your leg or any where you want to.



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    thx for your comments and input I will continue to make more intructables with your likes in mind

    how old are you? 11? nice hedband

    thx it took a while to make

    how well does the craft stick shuriken throw?

    not to bad but after a while they break apart

    no i'm not 11 i'm 13 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and naruto isnt cliche gret instructable