Picture of How to make a smoke marker
I call this a smoke marker, but really its a smoke bomb in a whiteboard marker pen. Its a ringpull smoke bomb, or should i say 'cap' pull. 

Its very easy to make, but its messy, and works pretty well.

whatever you use it for is upto you but i take no responsibility for any damage caused by it.
Solvent dye dyes everything, hands, clothes, even my concrete garage floor ! try be as tidy and responsible as you can.

now the formalities are over, lets get started !
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
The smoke bomb mixture is made from:
Potassium Chlorate
Solvent Dye

Thats the only 3 ingredients, everything else is simply a container or a tool for measuring or whatever.

As a general rule a 50-30-20 ratio of dye-KClO3-Lastose works well.

for this instructable i wanted to make 50 grams of smoke mix, so half the ratio and thats your weights.

25g Solvent dye (red in this case)
15g Potassium Chlorate (powdered)
10g Lactose (granulated) 

you will also need:
a marker (obviously)
visco fuse (or another substitute)

Step 2: Mixing the mix

Picture of Mixing the mix
Measure out 10g of Lastose and put in the mortar and pestle, grind it so it is nice and powdered much like the potassium chlorate.

measure out 15g of potassium chlorate, mine was quite lumpy so i put it in with the lactose and ground it a bit more, less vigorously though because this mix will ignite without the dye.