Picture of How to make a snow cat.

Cats are awesome, and a snow cat is a must have for any cat-lover's yard.

-2 Bouncy Balls
-6 or 8 small sticks

Optional Materials:
-Toy mouse
-Jack-O-Lantern carving materials
-Cat toys

Step 1: Step 1: Design

We made our snow cat (which we later named "Snowball") in the sitting upright position, and this Instructable is based off this design.  This would allow us to make it structurally strong, while still being able to be creative.  We have also made one laying down on it's side, but it was hard to tell that it was a cat.  Be creative.
That's amazing!!!??
HeidiSN1 year ago

Love your snow kitties!

HeidiSN1 year ago

Love your snow kitties!

mchase13 years ago
i thought u were goin to keep the cat in the box and cover it in snow
All I got in my pop tarts were little bits of sugary squares.. I want a prize cat too!
Biggsy4 years ago
hehe thats cute.... For a minute there (what with the pic of the cat in the pop tart box) I thought you had covered a cat in some snow.... ;)