In this tutorial, I hope to show you how to make an earring tree from plastic soda bottles. Its a quick, easy and cheap way to recycle some old plastic bottles!

Step 1: Supplies

What you will need:

1. Several empty plastic soda bottles with the "flower" type bottom.
2. At least one of your bottles's side should be completely smooth. Avoid bottles that have bumps or ridges as they will only get in the way. For this, I suggest using Nestea bottles.
3. A thumb tack
4. clear tape.
5. A strong pair of scissors
6. A serrated knife.
7. A dry erase marker or sharpy

i always use a piece of sharened stell wire and a candle to pierce the holes in 2 liter bottles (i hold the wire in a pair of pliers).<br /> for stability you could also fill the bottle with clear or colored marbles or layers of colored fish tank gravel.

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